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young people, a pact, the future

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September 22-24 2022, - Assisi

September 22-24 2022, Assisi

"The Economy of Francesco"

young people, a pact, the future

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published today the letter with which Pope Francis summons young economists and entrepreneurs to Assisi to propose a pact for a new economy. Economy of Communion participates in the organizing committee of the event together with the Diocese and the Municipality of Assisi and the Seraphic Institute.


#EoF - Cuba: an expanding reality

#EoF - A new way of re-humanising business and the economy. The projects of The Economy of Francesco participated in the fairs organised in Cuba in the parishes of El Caney and Santa Lucia on 11 and 12 December. But that’s not all.

Source: EoF Hub  Cuba 

The Economy of Francesco (EoF) is the type of economy that has set in motion a process of global change from 2020 to practice a different, fairer, more inclusive and sustainable economy that leaves no one behind. Although its name refers to the teachings of St Francis of Assisi on poverty, it has been directly guided by Pope Francis (and Bergoglio also takes his papal name from the Saint of Assisi) and is aimed at young entrepreneurs, academics, economists and agents of change from around the world.EoF Cuba 43

Since its inception and through one of its main partners, the Economy of Communion (EoC), the Economy of Francesco has had a great reception and promotion in Cuba. Several young people have participated in international events held online since 2020, and several face-to-face activities have also taken place. But the highest expression of the EoF in Cuba is undoubtedly the group of 11 enterprises that is being developed in the parish of El Caney, in the hospitable Santiago de Cuba. Although several EoC projects have also joined the EoF, the thrust of very diverse projects in terms of scope and economic activity is an asset to be consolidated and also shared.

The days from 11 to 13 December 2021 were especially intense. On the 11th and 12th, a number of fairs were organised in the parishes of El Caney and Santa Lucía, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, in which not only the EoF projects participated, but also other guests such as the Eco-Arte group and the Incuba Programme of the Loyola Centre, the latter of which has done a fine job of supporting entrepreneurs and agricultural producers in Santiago de Cuba, inspired by the values of solidarity economy. What we have experienced over the last few days shows how important it is to endeavour into activities and economic processes designed by and for people.

The care not to set the excessive prices that we are all experiencing today in almost every aspect of daily life and to be extremely friendly and cordial with customers; the collaboration between all those who participated; the sustainability of each of the projects that seek profits with a view to achieving a better life quality and contributing to the common good, among others, are good practices that have been carefully studied and promoted by the vision of EoF. And if that's not enough, 10% of the proceeds from each small business will help the parish fund, used to help the most vulnerable and support the most urgent pastoral needs of communities.

EoF Cuba 45

The afternoons of the 12th and 13th were also marked by counselling and accompaniment meetings for the various EoF projects. The presence, this time physically and not online as in previous months, of Ernesto Figueredo of the Cuban EoF and the EoC coordination team, facilitated the exchange and dialogue with different entrepreneurs to learn about the characteristics that their projects are acquiring, how to record accounting information, how they are establishing their costs and prices, the possibility of achieving exports of the best mangoes harvested in Cuba, as well as the needs for knowledge, financing and resources of each one of the participants, knowing that each new point reached in a journey is a new possibility to move forward.

The obstacles these entrepreneurs face are no different from those encountered every day by all Cubans: insufficient access to resources, tools, packaging, transport, lack of internal markets, galloping and suffocating inflation... all in a context of economic uncertainty and changing legal frameworks. But, beyond all the obstacles, there is creativity, there is optimism and courage, and there is a wonderful, united, sensitive and collaborative group: the EoF entrepreneurship business group in El Caney.

Thank you for the testimony of dedication and dynamism that you are giving in these difficult times for our Isla Bella!



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