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Economy of Communion A new culture Magazine edited by Alberto Ferrucci

A four-monthly periodical conceived to connect all those who adhere to the project launched by Chiara Lubich for an economy of communion in freedom.

notiziario-edc-28 It is an economy for people who find self-fulfilment in relationships with others rather than in rational egoism. It is an economy based on a ‘commitment to grow together’, rather than on a struggle to dominate, being willing to risk economic resources, inventiveness, and talents in order to share the Gospel’s culture of giving.

This culture of giving is proving to be more and more fundamental in directing humanity of the twenty-first century in its search for new ways to face the environmental challenge and to avert new atrocities among men caused by economic globalization.

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Other issues are available for download at: PDF Files/EoC Magazine (PDF archivo, from N.25 until current issue)

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Issues before N.25 can be downloaded at: http://tesi.ecodicom.net/notiziario.phplink.gif

A collection of the most significant articles of the first ten years (twenty issues) of the Newsletter "Economy of Communion - a new culture" (from 1994 to 2004) are in the first issue N.1 of "Economy of Communion Notebooks", also available online (in Italian).


n-29EoC Newsletter



Economy of Communion - a new culture
n.29 - september 2009

EoC Aid Destinations Report 2009





n-30EoC Newsletter


Economy of Communion - a new culture
n.30 - december 2009






n-31EoC Newsletter

Cover31_ridEconomy of Communion - a new culture
n.31 - may 2010







EoC Newsletter

Cover32_engEconomy of Communion - a new culture
N.32 - December 2010 






n-28EoC Newsletter

cover_n.28"Economy of Communion - a new culture"
n.28 - december 2008





EoC Newsletter

EoC33_cover_ridSpecial edition of Economy of Communion published in English as supplement to Living City magazine - November 2011

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 download EoC Newsletter n.33





EoC Newsletter

Edc_35_cover_it_ridEconomia di Comunione - una cultura nuova

Inserto redazionale allegato a città Nuova

n.10/2012 - 10 giugno 2012




EoC Newsletter 

Edc 37 cover it ridEconomy of Communion - a new culture

Insert attached to Città Nuova

n.13-14/2013 -July, 10-25 2013





 EOC Newsletter

Cover 39Economy of Communion - a new culture

Insert attached to Città Nuova

n.13-14/2014 - July, 10-25 2014





EoC Newsletter

Cover 41 enEconomy of Communion - a new culture

Insert attached to Città Nuova

n.13-14/2015 - July, 10-25 2015

pdf Download the EoC Newsletter in English (2.12 MB)



EoC Newsletter

Cover 43Economy of Communion - a new culture

Insert attached to Città Nuova

n.7/2016 - July 2016



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L’economia del dare

L’economia del dare

Chiara Lubich

"A differenza dell' economia consumista, basata su una cultura dell'avere, l'economia di comunione è l'economia del dare..."

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