EoC in the Land of the Morning Calm

A 3-day meeting with the Political Movement for Unity and the Korean EoC

by Regina Min

N43 pag 05 Regina Min Autorefrom "Economia di Comunione - una cultura nuova" n.43 - Editorial insert of Città Nuova no. 7 - 2016 July 2016

"Remembering" the gifts received from God; "prophecy" to open your heart and understand where to go, even if it means taking risks; "hope" to replace the cage of rules and precepts that give a sense of security. These three words of Pope Francis perhaps most of all express what Luigino Bruni experienced in his first visit to the "Land of the Morning Calm", Korea.

After the strong economic development in recent years, the nation now suffers from slow economic growth, high youth unemployment and a system of assistance to citizens, which is solely the responsibility of the State. In these months there is a very heated debate on the choice between "growth" and "sharing" and some see the general system of wealth redistribution implemented by the government as an impediment to growth.

In this social context Luigino Bruni's visit was given a particular resonance. "EoC: a new economic model for all," was the title of the two main sessions. The first was held in Seoul on 20th May in the Parliament's conference room: N43 pag 05 Seul parlamento300 participants including MPs, members of the local Church, ambassadors, economists, representatives of NGOs in the economy and many young people. On the following day it was the Daejon's turn: in a classroom at the University of Chungnam the same program was repeated to a very attentive audience of 420 people. Here the EoC's message had a special resonance and many of the entrepreneurs and economists present have offered to continue working together. At the end of the journey there was an occasion for open dialogue with young people: the meeting took place in a prestigious room of the Seoul City Hall and it was a lively and engaging lesson conducted "face to face", during which a special relationship with 200 young people present was created.

In short: three days that gathered people capable of "creating opinion" around the EoC, with the result of generating a historical moment for Korea. The EoC's message has proved a complete novelty, perhaps not yet clear to everyone, but in which everyone has found a hope for the present and future society: the lively interest encountered in the media, TV and the press is a proof of that.



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