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This is the strategic possibility to contribute to the ensuring of an economic development based on condivision. The EoC is making a public appearance and the writings on the following pages bring the news of it.

by Alberto Ferrucci

N43 Pag 03 Alberto Ferrucci Autorefrom "Economia di Comunione - una cultura nuova" n.43 - Editorial insert of Città Nuova no. 7 - 2016  July 2016

Twenty-five years ago, Chiara Lubich had the courage to propose the alternative of the Economy of Communion to a world full of euphoria over the rise of liberal economy after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Her proposal was appreciated at the time, but it was mostly considered just a utopia for good people. As a result, today, after a quarter century of liberal economy, we have a concentration of wealth in the hands of the few operators of global finance. Over the years this global finance has managed to absorb a significant part of the resources produced by real economy, subtracting it from investment, research and the creation of new work opportunities.

So there is no surprise that the anger of those excluded from that wellbeing that consumerism allowed to glimpse is getting more and more is overt. It is such a powerful and widespread rage that it can put the most solid political systems at risk, inducing a terrorism that could not be contained by walls and armies because it develops amongst us.

Meanwhile, the wars between the powerful exercised by their proxies chase away millions from their lands who become migrants and the same effect is produced by the ever denied climate changes that lead to abandoning the lands that have become inhospitable. From the beaches the cries of the abandoned bodies of the weakest ones reach to us, of all those who failed to cross the sea, and when we look at our streets we see the bewildered and increasingly disillusioned faces of those who have made it through.

All of the sins of globalized economy are being revealed so we need to choose N43 Pag 03 Teresa Francis Ganzona path for the future. Chiara's proposal stands out as a real alternative for everyone: presenting it to the Korean parliament, on the occasion of the Pan Asian Congress for the 25th anniversary of the EoC, Luigino Bruni summarized the present like this: We are at a crossroads: finance and banks can become vehicles of social inclusion and greater equity, or we can go back in a sort of feudal Middle Ages with a small group of the rich and many beggars who will live with a basic grant of citizenship in a world with less and less work. If the first scenario prevails - and this is primarily a political and civil matter - then the EoC will be able to play its own role. "

It will not be a purely economic role. Already in 1998, seeing what had been achieved in the seven years since the first announcement, Chiara invited us to make a "flood of the Spirit in human activities" possible. How? By entering into dialogue with contemporary culture through a global project, with all the riches of the charisma, to see even politics, law, social relations, the environment, arts and communication with new eyes. What has been asked of all of us in the field of economy that have been called as the first ones, is probably to create the conditions for this to become possible.



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