From West to East: Growing in Communion

The 5th meeting of entrepreneurs and leaders of the European EoC has ended in Croatia

Fulfil Yourself at Work...

From 1 to 3 October 2014 a group of forty young people from all over Italy participated in the third edition of the EoC Workshop School at Polo Lionello Bonfanti 

Congratulations from all of the EoC!

Maria Voce is confirmed as President  and Jesús Morán Cepedano is elected as new co-president by Focolare's General Assembly 2014.

Pioneers of a Utopia

The First EoC Congress in Paraguay. Entrepreneurs in the Centre.

The 2014 EoC Summer School in Paris: a real "shower of hope"!

In Arny, the 2014 Paris Summer School has ended

Summer School in Paris: the adventure continues

On the 2nd and 3rd day of school, the "dream team" of the 2014 Paris Summer School was given some challenging tasks

Benvenuti, Welcome, Karibu, Nzoni Ngango, Akwaba... in Africa!

The International Congress of the EoC will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 27 to 31 May 2015. An interview with Genevieve Sanze.

Half Winged Angels

The young people who participated in the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico wanted to conclude their experience with a message that expresses their thoughts...

Puebla: the adventure continues!

An account of the second and third days of the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico... Read more...
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The 5th meeting of entrepreneurs and leaders of the European EoC has ended in Croatia

by Gina Perkov

141017-19 Faro 05 ridWe shall live or die, but we’ll be together!’ A great applause followed the words of Augustin from Congo who chose these words to express his own gratitude for the possibility to be part of the EoC project. This is how the 5th meeting of entrepreneurs and leaders of the European EoC ended in Križevci, Croatia.

150 people from 23 countries were present; from Europe:  Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, and also Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal were represented, but there were participants even from Brazil, Argentina, the Democratic Republic of Congo and India.


Midwives of Egypt/12 - Only a symphony of voices is adequate for a dialogue with God

by Luigino Bruni

published in Avvenire on 26/10/2014

Logo Levatrici d Egitto...the mountains among themselves were fighting for the honor of being chosen as the spot for the revelation. One said: "Upon me shall the Shekinah of God rest, and mine shall be this glory," whereupon the other mountain replied: "Upon me shall the Shekinah rest, and mine shall be this glory." The mountain of Tabor said to the mountain of Hermon: "Upon me shall the Shekinah rest, mine shall be this glory..." (...) Mount Sinai was given the preference not for its humility alone, but also because upon it there had been no worshipping of idols; whereas the other mountains, owing to their height, had been employed as sanctuaries by the idolaters.

(Louis Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews, Vol. III)

The first reform and social organization of the people of Israel originate from the advice of Jethro, Moses' father in law, a foreigner of a different faith. Between the escape from the idols of Egypt and the receiving of the gift of the Torah at Sinai, the Book of Exodus wished to include a picture of a good believer who is not idolatrous, and placed it at the heart of an event of crucial importance for the life of the people. It is a message of great openness and hope that reaches us today when believers in the God of life should unite and have a greater self-esteem, to free and protect ourselves from the thousands of idolatrous cults of our time.


Today, on 17th October the 5th meeting of entrepreneurs and leading representatives of the European EoC has started in Križevci, Croatia.

by Gina Perkov

The over 150 participants come from 23 countries: apart from Europe, there are 141017-19 Faro 03 ridrepresentatives coming from Brazil, Argentina, Congo and India, too! About forty young people from 7 countries also took part in the meeting – they were involved in the "exchange" project named “Together we grow: youth towards an inclusive economy” financed by the European Community: the project aims at an in-depth study of the EoC and will be running until Wednesday 22nd October.

The morning saw the introduction of the different groups first. We had a chance to listen to representatives of Portugal, Serbia, Germany, Austria, France and Belgium. The company cube was also presented and proposed: in a rather festive atmosphere where several languages are spoken, one can discover the joy of communion.


A professor who is not a loner at all, yet he is a fringe scientist. A pragmatical minded manager of the academy, he founded the Toulouse School of Economics, however, everyone still calls him simply Jean.

by Tommaso Reggiani

published in: Città Nuova on 15/10/2014

Jean TiroleI had an appointment with him right on the day I arrived in Toulouse to get introduced to each other. The corridor was only half-light and I was searching for his office by reading all the name tags outside the doors. There comes a gentleman from behind, looking particular but not too reserved. He can see that I am lost completely, so he offers his hand and says,  ‘You are Tommaso, aren't you? Welcome. My name is Jean Tirole,
perhaps you were looking for me
.’ He says all this with a disarming humility.

To which I, the miniscule new scholar at my first workplace, completely aghast, reply to him, ‘Ah, I've heard about you already.’ He laughs and shoots back, ‘probably you heard some things about Tirole, but have you ever had coffee with Jean?


Midwives of Egypt/11 - Moses follows the advice of a father: the gift of reciprocity

by Luigino Bruni

published in Avvenire on 19/10/2014

Logo Levatrici d EgittoThe Lord said to Moses in Midian, ‘Go, return to Egypt’. (...) So Moses took his wife and his sons (...) (Aaron) went and met him on the mount of God, and (...) he asked him, ‘Who are they?’ Moses said: ‘They are the wife I married in Midian and my children.’ ‘And where are you taking them?,’ added Aaron. ‘To Egypt,’ he said. ‘We are saddened by the Jews who are in Egypt, and you will bring them too?’ So it was that Moses said to his wife, ‘Go home to your father’, and she took with her his two sons and left.

(from Rashi's Commentary to the Book of Exodus.)

On this earth, mixed in a sea of ​​providence and goodness, there are also the enemies of the weak and the poor crossing the desert to the promised land. These enemies attack suddenly, sometimes for no reason. Many poor, yesterday and today, can be saved because someone is holding their hands up, praying, calling, crying with them, for them or in their place. And because there are those that stand beside the prophets and support them when they are exhausted by the length and hardness of the battle and their arms start to give in.


A young Italian girl gives up a promising career as an engineer to learn how to put the person with their dignity at the center of everything. The testimony of Maria Antonietta Casulli as she shared it in the 2014 EoC Workshop School.

published in on 26/10/2014

EdC-01«Last year I was fortunate to have partecipated in a workshop of the Economy of Communion in Loppiano. There my eyes were opened: up to that moment I was still in the process of deciding on “what shall I do”, without asking myself “who am I”. I understood that work is a vocation: I had, therefore, to find my vocation, that which would make me happy.

I was concluding my university studies in biomedical engineering. In October, 2013 I graduated from the Polytechnic University of Turin, after presenting my thesis at the Polytechnic University of Lausanne in Switzerland.


The exchange project for youth “Together we grow: youth towards an inclusive economy” funded by the European Community will allow 42 young people from 7 different countries to get to know the EoC better.

by Marta Pancheva

EU logo ridThe dates of the 5th European meeting of entrepreneurs and leaders of the EoC are getting close. As is known, it will take place in Križevci, Croatia, from 16 to 20 October and it is an especially important event for those who are already engaged in a life and work according to the main principles of the EoC. At the same time it is an event that could become a good occasion to get to know the EoC from closer also for those who haven't had a chance to do so yet.


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The Midwives of Egypt

Logo Levatrici d Egitto rid modThe reflections by Luigino Bruni on the Book of Exodus

Words of Heaven and Earth - 26/10/2014
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Summer School Mexico 2014

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United Nations Video

This short video was shot in occasion of the EoC presentation in the February 2012 UN Conference on Poverty Eradication.


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The economy of giving

Chiara_Lubich_1Chiara Lubich

«Unlike the consumerist economy, based on a culture of having, the economy of communion is the economy of giving.... 

The Economics of Values-Based Organisations

The economics of Values Based Organization ridLuigino Bruni, Alessandra Smerilli

Routledge, July 2014


The Genesis and Ethos of the Market

The Genesis and Ethos of the market ridLuigino Bruni

Palgrave Macmillan, September 2012


EoC training 2012

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See the videos of the EoC training lessons (Per-corso EdC) held in the Lionello Industrial Park

Video - The EoC Project

video EoC ONU mod

This short 5 minute video about the origins of The EoC in Freedom Project, was developed for a presentation to the United Nations in February 2012.

Video - EoC in 5 words

video Eoc 5 words mod

Presentation by Luigino Bruni to the Faculty of the Ateneo De Manila University. Manila, Philippines, September 23, 2011

The Wound and the Blessing

Wound blessingLuigino Bruni

Economics, Relationships, and Happiness

New City Press, 2012


Guidelines for conducting an EoC business

Binari_rid_modThe Economy of Communion proposes the following "Guidelines for conducting a business", to productive organizations who adhere to its message and its culture, written in the light of the life and thought of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers....

The “Identification Card” of the EoC

logo_edc_benvThe Economy of Communion (EoC) is a movement that involves entrepreneurs, workers, directors, consumers, savers, scholars, economic workers, poor and citizens, families, and was launched by Chiara Lubich in May of 1991 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil 2011 - Twenty Years of EoC


All the information related to the two events held in Brazil from May 25-29, 2011, for the 20th anniversary of the EoC (including articles, texts and videos).

Economy and Communion Meet

Economia e Comunione si incontrano - sintesi DVD

What is the Economy of Communion? Here is a synthesis of the DVD "Economy and Communion Meet" (only available in Italian) ©Charisma Productions, 2007

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