The 2014 EoC Summer School in Paris: a real "shower of hope"!

In Arny, the 2014 Paris Summer School has ended

Summer School in Paris: the adventure continues

On the 2nd and 3rd day of school, the "dream team" of the 2014 Paris Summer School was given some challenging tasks

Benvenuti, Welcome, Karibu, Nzoni Ngango, Akwaba... in Africa!

The International Congress of the EoC will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 27 to 31 May 2015. An interview with Genevieve Sanze.

Half Winged Angels

The young people who participated in the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico wanted to conclude their experience with a message that expresses their thoughts...

Puebla: the adventure continues!

An account of the second and third days of the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico... Read more...

Puebla: Summer School Mexico 2014 Is On

The first, long-awaited Summer School in Mexico started yesterday, on the very special feast day of Saint Clare.

A Choir of Thanks to João Carlos Pompermayer

Through his expertise and his great humanity he made an inestimable contribution to Polo Spartaco, which is a global model to follow now.

Križevci, Croatia - 16-19/10/2014

The 5th Meeting of European EoC Entrepreneurs and Stakeholders will take place in Croatia in October

Summer School Mexico 2014: Building the dream

The EoC Summer School of Mexico will take place from 11th to 15th August gathering interested people from all the American Continent
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EoC - Economy of Communion

Welcome to the official EOC website!

Maria Voce is confirmed as President  and Jesús Morán Cepedano is elected as new co-president by Focolare's General Assembly 2014

Emmaus Jeusus rid

The entire Economy of Communion expresses its best wishes to Maria Voce - Emmaus, who has been reconfirmed by Focolare's Assembly as President for the next six years; to the new Co-President Jesús Morán Cepedano and to the thirty members of the new General Council of the Focolare Movement who were elected yesterday. Special thanks are in order from the entire Economy of Communion for outgoing Co-President Giancarlo Faletti for his sympathy for the EoC project throughout the six years of his mandate.


Returning home, dreaming of communion also for that good half of the world that will never set foot in an airplane

by Luigino Bruni

published in Città Nuova n.17/2014 on 10/09/2014

Capitalismo in volo ridReturning from Paris, from a summer school on the Economy of Communion, flying up in the sky above Europe I am thinking about our capitalism. Perhaps because in France there is a newly appointed minister of economics, perhaps because I have just greeted fifty young people who are fascinated by a more fraternal and inclusive economy. Or perhaps because my heart goes out to too many aircrafts that are in the wrong, flying over many war-ravaged lands; I cannot help thinking of our market economy, our crises, the many Africans and North Africans I've seen in the subways of Paris and its existential, economic and cultural peripheries. 


Midwives of Egypt/5 - The logic of the rod and that of shoulder-to-shoulder work

by Luigino Bruni

published in Avvenire on 07/09/2014

Logo Levatrici d Egitto‘If ye are truly the ambassadors of God, then may He judge between us and Pharaoh. ... You are responsible for the widespread stench now issuing from the Israelitish corpses used as bricks for building when our tale was not complete. We are in the quandary of the poor sheep that has been dragged away by a wolf. The shepherd pursues the robber, catches up with him, and tries to snatch the sheep from his jaws, and the wretched victim, pulled this way by the wolf and that way by the shepherd, is torn to pieces.’

(L. Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews, Vol. 2)

The culture of the incentive is becoming the new ideology of our time, and it is migrating from the large capitalist enterprises towards health, culture and education. The main limitation and danger of this type of work culture is an impoverished vision of the human being, thought and described as an individual who works when motivated by extrinsic and monetary rewards only, and as someone from whom you can get pretty much everything and in all areas of life if you pay them adequately.


Midwives of Egypt/4 - God and his people's heaven is always higher than the pyramids

by Luigino Bruni

published in Avvenire on 31/08/2014

Logo Levatrici d EgittoFor all my life, I must confess, I have been pushed by two forces operating together. First of all by outrage, the impossibility to embrace the world as it is. ...the other force is the light. Perhaps today I'd call it transparency. I could say: it is faith."
(Paolo Dall’Oglio, Outrage and Light).

Empires have always tried to use work to black out the dreams of freedom, gratuitousness and celebration in the souls of the workers. Exactly for it being the number one friend of man, work lends itself to be manipulated and used against workers and so it can easily become an instance of “friendly fire”. To be able to work has always been and still is one of the ways to freedom for many, while not to be able to work is still one of the main non-freedoms and a form of mass violence of our time. But next to work that liberates and makes us noble, there has always been also the idea of work utilised by the pharaohs as a means of oppressing the poor.


FORMY-27-inglese 430 rid 

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In Arny, the 2014 Paris Summer School has ended

by Giuseppe Ruggiero

On the fourth day of the summer school, Anouk Grevin, professor 140830-31 SS Parigi 30 ridat the University of Nantes delivered a talk. Anouk told us about the practices of management in the EoC companies and, with shining eyes, encouraged us to cultivate the dimension of gift.

Giving gifts in one's work, like an unpaid extra hour, is a common practice but it is rarely recognised or rewarded.  Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ or a smile is enough to make a difference between a wound and a relationship of reciprocity. According to Anouk, the future of corporations will not depend on order and control anymore, but on organised liberty and responsibility.


On the 2nd and 3rd day of school, the "dream team" of the 2014 Paris Summer School was given some challenging tasks

by Giuseppe Ruggiero

140828-29 SS Parigi 02 ridThe second day of the 2014 summer school was closed at the foot of the most famous tower of the world, the Tour Eiffel. Right under the gigantic steel tower, the young participants are chilling out after the interesting lecture by Professor Benedetto Gui, from the Department of Economy at the University of Padua. Their chatter is seasoned with laughs and their dialogues start in one language and finish in another (yes, there are at least four languages that are used simultaneously here!).

In his presentation, the professor broke down one of the most commonly held paradigms of our age and showed us how the increasing of economic wealth often happens at the cost of human relationships and well-being.


The Multimedia Pole of the Economy of Communion was inaugurated on 25th August in Arny.

by Maja Calfova

140825 Inaugurazione Polo 03 ridImagined and strongly backed by 33 French EoC companies that work every day for the brave and great goal of having no more people suffering from need in the world. Inserted into the little town of the Focolare Movement in Arny, near the French capital, the Multimedia Pole is in fact a small work of art created by   Jean-Michel Mahenc, Ingrid Portier and Marie Helene de Cherisey.


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The Midwives of Egypt

Logo Levatrici d Egitto rid modThe reflections by Luigino Bruni on the Book of Exodus

True loyalty - 07/09/2014
Where Real Freedom Begins - 31/08/2014
Moses' vocation - 24/08/2014
Enriching Cries - 17/08/2014
The Midwives of Egypt - 10/08/2014

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The Tree of Life

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The death of Jacob - 03/08/2014
Beggars of Blessings - 27/07/2014
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Summer School Mexico 2014

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The economy of giving

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«Unlike the consumerist economy, based on a culture of having, the economy of communion is the economy of giving.... 

The Economics of Values-Based Organisations

The economics of Values Based Organization ridLuigino Bruni, Alessandra Smerilli

Routledge, July 2014


The Genesis and Ethos of the Market

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Palgrave Macmillan, September 2012


EoC training 2012

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This short 5 minute video about the origins of The EoC in Freedom Project, was developed for a presentation to the United Nations in February 2012.

Video - EoC in 5 words

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Presentation by Luigino Bruni to the Faculty of the Ateneo De Manila University. Manila, Philippines, September 23, 2011

The Wound and the Blessing

Wound blessingLuigino Bruni

Economics, Relationships, and Happiness

New City Press, 2012


Guidelines for conducting an EoC business

Binari_rid_modThe Economy of Communion proposes the following "Guidelines for conducting a business", to productive organizations who adhere to its message and its culture, written in the light of the life and thought of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers....

The “Identification Card” of the EoC

logo_edc_benvThe Economy of Communion (EoC) is a movement that involves entrepreneurs, workers, directors, consumers, savers, scholars, economic workers, poor and citizens, families, and was launched by Chiara Lubich in May of 1991 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil 2011 - Twenty Years of EoC


All the information related to the two events held in Brazil from May 25-29, 2011, for the 20th anniversary of the EoC (including articles, texts and videos).

Economy and Communion Meet

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