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Prophetic Economy: innovative economy for the common good

The recent international “Prophetic Economy” event succeeded in bringing together diverse protagonists of change in the world, with different approaches to a common goal of improving the status quo. Through a dynamic exchange of good practices – including outstanding contributions from the younger participants – a collaborative network has emerged of “prophetic actions” already happening in the here-and-now.

Source: Ufficio Informazione Focolari

181102 04 Prophetic Economy 05 ridNot just ‘green shootsbut an entire forest growing up silently but surely” – a summary by one of the 500 “Prophetic Economy” participants from 40 countries and all five continents who gathered from 2 to 4 November at the International Mariapolis Centre, CastelGandolfo, near Rome, Italy. The “ event ”  facilitated interactive and intergenerational exchange through a program of inspiring contributions, work groups and creative workshops.

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Young people's imagination and intelligence: a road to a prophetic economy

The preparatory meeting for the Prophetic Economy international event brought together young people aged eleven to fifteen: we had promised ourselves to let their thoughts emerge. As a result, an astonishing awareness was demonstrated by them.

by Federica Nalli

published in

Ragazzi PE 01 ridSomeone once told me that the important things in life are done before the age of fifteen. At the time I thought he was a fool, but I have changed my mind, thanks to "our" young ones. Often it is easier for us adults to think that they are "just" kids who still have to grow up and find their way. However, we do not realize that it is they themselves who ask us, with their attitudes and the words they manage to say, to make them responsible, to put them in a position to make their voices heard and to do something to assert their vision of the world. They don’t want us to wait for them to become adults, because "becoming adults" is often just a way of letting their passions, ideas and great questions that we adults are unable to answer die away, because we have given up; and of letting their vocation and enthusiasm go out to dedicate their lives "to more serious things", to think about how to "taking home the daily bread" instead of dreaming about how to save the world.

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Kenya - Juja (Nairobi), 28/07/2018

The Economy of Communion Forum

Do it Right

180728 Nairobi flyer28 july 2018, 
Mariapolis Piero
Kenyata Road, Juja
Nairobi - Kenya

Do it Right - "Legal and regulatory requirements for business in Kenya".

It is the second session after 14th April. It's open to all of you who want to know The Economy of Communion and how to become part of the network in Kenya. From now on, in each networking forum we will look at ourselves as Kenyan entrepreneurs deepening the principles of EoC, focusing on that which is of interest to our direct growth in order to create a difference. Join us!

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Zagreb, Croatia: Economy of Communion, a Utopia or...?

The Economy of Communion was presented at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb on 11 May

by Dina Perkov

180511 Zagreb Bruni 01 ridA group of students, some entrepreneurs and other people interested in the project were present. The welcome address to the conference - the third one on the EoC at the faculty - was delivered by Professor Ivana Marić who emphasized authenticity and human relations as the most important characteristics of the EoC. Professor Mirna Valdevit continued by narrating the various stages of the EoC's journey in recent years and answering a clear "no!" to the question in the title for the afternoon session: "Economy of communion - a utopia or...?” 

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A competition to promote "Prophetic Economies”

The "best practices" competition linked to the international event "Prophetic Economy", which will take place from 2 to 4 November 2018, is now under way. The jury will be composed of: Vandana Shiva, Jeff Sachs, Cristina Calvo and Stefano Zamagni.

Prophetic economies ridAs with the event Prophetic Economy, the purpose of the Prophetic practices award 2018 is to make visible and bring together existing experiences of "prophetic economy" from anywhere in the world, implemented by anyone: to find these "precious stones" in the world so that "they do not feel alone" and so that, by becoming part of a world-wide network, they can establish new connections and partnerships. Participation is open to people aged 9 to 99, to private and public organizations, both for profit and non-profit, private and public.

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Here is the chance, Prophetic Economy!

Prophetic Economy, the event for all those committed  to give solutions to social and environmental injustice, organized by EoC and other partners, attracts people with  vocation of all the ages.

Luis Calfa ridLuis, a 12 years-old Scout from Slovakia, explains why, according to him, this event is important , and invites everybody to candidate their good practices on the competition Prophetic Economy in Practice.

One day I was discussing with my mom about my thoughts on the current situation in the world.  That I’m concerned about the politics, wars and conflicts.    I was telling her that I'm very often thinking about humanity as a civilization evolved on small planet called Earth. We created our own politics and policies, a system for living. We need air for breathing, water and food for consuming. Trees are developing oxygen and thanks to them, we can breathe.

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Joint Vision and Collective Action for a Better Future

"Social Innovation Summit” in Stuttgart: being aware of current social challenges and creating networks

by Andrea Fleming

201803 SIS DE 1 ridJoint vision. Collective action. Better Future: this was the subtitle of the first „Social Innovation Summit“ (SIS) which was held in Stuttgart, Germany in mid-March. It opened up a wide horizon for the great variety of actors who reached the Swabian metropolis from all over Europe and also from other continents.

From environmental activists and non-profit social-political organisations to entrepreneurs who take their co-responsibility seriously for the good of society, around 400 young volunteers and stakeholders spent two days together participating in short programme speeches, round tables and interactive workshops.

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Enterprise Networking: The Economy of Communion, Kenya Chapter

On 14th of April, the Mariapolis Piero opened its doors to a group of entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts of the Economy of Communion(EOC) to share ideas, build relationships and journey together.

by Lulu Nalumu

180414 Kenya Networking 1This wasn’t the first EoC event held but what was more special is that like one waits for a baby for 9months, the Kenyan Eoc enthusiasts finally met as themselves to start a journey together so as to be part of this global experience of a new economy: then, we can say that EoC in Kenya is alredy born.

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Germany: EoC Entrepreneurs Visiting in Westphalia

Learning from each other to grow together and fight poverty

by Andrea Fleming

 WiG RheineAt the end of February a small group of EoC entrepreneurs went to Neuenkirchen and to Rheine in Northern Germany to get to know two companies involved in the project: a very fruitful exchange was born.

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Ljubljana: Two Days "Between Economy and Prophecy”

19th and 20th March: Luigino Bruni's short visit to Slovenia: a visit to the EoC "Ray of Sun” kindergarten, the presentation of the book, a meeting with the community, dialogue with entrepreneurs from three countries, interviews

by Igor Vojinovič

180319 20 Lubiana Bruni 01 rid

It’s been a while since the management and educators of the "Ray of the Sun" kindergarten in Škofja Loka (near Ljubljana) wanted an exchange of ideas with Luigino Bruni to understand how to overcome some obstacles on the path of the extraordinary development that characterizes the kindergarten, a small school of "new people" who take their steps in accordance with the Pedagogy of Communion and the EoC.

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Prophetic Economy...between the “already” and the “not yet”

The International Event “Prophetic Economy” promoted by the EoC and several associations and movements intending to respond to the cry of the world and the poor will take place in Castel Gandolfo, Rome from 2 to 4 November 2018.

by Maria Florencia Locascio

Profetic Economy 01 ridFather Joseph Wresinski, founder of ATD Quart Monde, felt the vocation to work so that the poorest of the poor would have dignity and a voice among those who make decisions; when he learned that somewhere in the world there was someone who worked for the poor, he got on an air plane and went to visit them, convinced as he was that: “those who work for the poor are in danger; they can lose their motivation and even their own life”: hence the fundamental importance of knowing each other and networking.

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EN - Asia Special 2016

Events internationalAsia Special 2016

The events of the 25th anniversary of the EoC took place in the Philippines. All related contents on this page.

Logo Asia 2016 ridThere were two main events during the week of celebration for the 25th anniversary of the EoC in the Philippines: the EoC International Youth Forum on 23-24 May 2016 at the University of Sto Tomas in Manila and the Pan-Asian EoC Congress 2016 "Economy of Communion, An Economy for All" which was held in Tagaytay City from 25 to 29 May. We collected all news contents on this page.

Go to site dedicated to the events with all materials (talks, videos, photos)

EN - #EocwiththePope


04 February 2017: An audience for the EoC world with Pope Francis

#EocwiththePope, or the extraordinary day of the audience for more than 1,100 170204 Udienza Papa 10 rid catmembers of the EoC from 54 countries with Pope Francis on 4 February 2017 in the Vatican: in addition to the text of the speech the Pope addressed to us, we will be gathering here press reviews, interviews, videos made...

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EN - Prophetic Economy

Prophetic Economy

Castelgandolfo (Rome): 2 - 4 November 2018

Logo Prophetic economy 200 rid cat#ProfeticEconomy is much more than a three-day event, it is a journey undertaken by associations and movements that intend to give answers to the cry of the earth and the poor together. Our world is facing an ecological and social crisis. Climate change and increasing inequality are fuelled by unjust economic structures, short-term policies and outdated aid practices.

Many people around the world believe passionately in human development and sustainability, working tirelessly to change the rules and demand justice. It is time to unite and be more than the sum of our parts.

#ProfeticEconomy is going to be an experience and the beginning of a process: our intention is to stimulate inventiveness, confrontation and creativity in search of sustainable and collective solutions to the social and environmental problems of our time, with particular attention to the poorest.

Logo booster camp rid mod

 Call for projects by Feb 28, 2018 - more info - Download brochure

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EoC Report 2016

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EoC PanAsian Congress 2016

The Dawn of Midnight

Logo Geremia Crop 150The series of comments by Luigino Bruni on Jeremiah's book comes out every Sunday on Avvenire

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Video EoC Summer School Prague 2015

150826 Praga EoC SS 11 rid sx"Let’s create our future! It is in our hands!"

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Photogallery EoC Congress 2015

150531 Nairobi Congresso EdC 76 rid modMariapolis Piero, Nairobi (Kenya)
May 27-31, 2015

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Luigino Bruni’s articles and video

Structures of Grace

Structures of grace ridJohn Gallagher, Jeanne Buckeye

New City Press, December 2014


United Nations Video

This short video was shot in occasion of the EoC presentation in the February 2012 UN Conference on Poverty Eradication.


Ottmaring 2013

Community Ottmaring

4th Encounter of entrepreneurs and managers of the Economy of Communion from Northern and Eastern Europe

24th to 27th October 2013 - Center of Encounter Ottmaring, Germany

THE DYNAMIC OF GIVING A way into the future for companies, the economy and the common good


Here the invitation

Video - EoC in 5 words

video Eoc 5 words mod

Presentation by Luigino Bruni to the Faculty of the Ateneo De Manila University. Manila, Philippines, September 23, 2011

Message of the Youth

“From San Paolo to the World”
That economics in 2031 may be one of communion, for us and for all...


Guidelines for conducting an EoC business

Binari_rid_modThe Economy of Communion proposes the following "Guidelines for conducting a business", to productive organizations who adhere to its message and its culture, written in the light of the life and thought of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers....

The economy of giving

Chiara_Lubich_1Chiara Lubich

«Unlike the consumerist economy, based on a culture of having, the economy of communion is the economy of giving.... 

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