Argentina, O'Higgins: discussions on the subject of the Focolari movement at the 43rd EoC Summit of the South Cone

During the 43rd South Cone Summit, a traditional fall date for the EoC in Argentina and surrounding areas, “communion was made” by delving into how Chiara Lubich inspired the Edc Focolari associations

 by Carolina Carbonell

The 43rd EoC South Cone Summit (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay) was held in O’Higgins (Buenos Aires, Argentina) from the 26th to the 28th of April. The objective of the meeting was to reinforce the experience of communion among the participants, to create a space for training and to enable everyone to be updated on developments and life in general in the area both in 2018 as well as in 2019. It’s been three days of joy and blood in the soul, of work and reflection, among “lovely” people./p>

This initiative for communion and training was taken by the same institution that gave life to the so called focolari or hearth associations of the EoC. 190426 28 OHiggins 43 Incontro EdC 02 ridogether we reflected on what inspired Chiara Lubich to found first the citadels and then the Focolari; on their importance and calling for the EoC of today; on what unites the focolari with the EoC companies that have their seat outside of these associations; on how we imagine them in the future; on what makes them different from other communities, on their importance for people who join the EoC and on society as a whole; on the business practices that characterise them; on how to contribute to their growth and promotion; on the type of company that is ideal for the focolari; on what kind of prophecy the Focolari of the EoC bring the world today.

The work was carried out in groups and these are some of the impressions, concerns and resulting dreams:

“If the Focolari constitute an expression of the communion of goods, wouldn’t it be fitting to begin by focusing on the communion of goods in the cities? The development of the focolari would then come about as a natural result”.

“Shouldn’t the EoC companies also become part of “normal” everyday focolari or communities in order to infect and inspire them from the inside?

190426 28 OHiggins 43 Incontro EdC 01 rid“Maybe the crisis that the EoC focolari are experiencing is really an opportunity to start a process of transformation. The objective of the Focolari and citadels is to be there for the benefit of the people, not just to found beautiful companies and show everyone that we’re friends and work together in harmony. The focolari are an expression of “Us”; hence, let us figure out how we can make this “Us” grow by getting to know one and other, by sharing and building together. We are part of a prophecy”.”.

“Incredible things happen in the focolari. Let’s look into how we can strengthen all our resources in order to really become a lighthouse in the dark”. “The focolari are a living reality, companies are born, mutate and disappear. We must not be afraid, but aim higher. Maybe the companies that are part of the Focolari should be made up of more EdC entrepreneurs, uniting a larger number of entrepreneurs”.

In addition to these reflections, there were also beautiful moments of sharing, of new relationships being forged and of people reconnecting and creating new projects.
A separate matter was the visit to the companies of the Focolari: Herrería Ferrarotti, Cosmética Norma Maliandi and Pasticcino, proud of their recent visit by the president of Argentina and the Governess of Buenos Aires, followed by a joyous feast with all the employees, feeling excited and identified with the project, and fully recognized in their dignity.

Next date will be in Mendoza, Argentina from the 13th to the 15th of September. See you in the Spring!



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