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#EoC30: A virtual coffee around the world, to start off again together

Starting on 25 November, the International EoC Commission, which has been in operation for a few weeks, will begin a virtual tour of the five continents

by Antonella Ferrucci

Listening to the territories in order to start off again together. This was the intention expressed by the leaders of the International EoC Commission, Anouk Grevin and Isaìas Hernando, at the end of the first virtual meeting with the "EoC community" this past 4 november.

At the moment of the “handover of the baton”, it was understood that, in order to respond to the challenges it faces, the new International Commission must create a sort of “plant likeorganisation, with shared responsibilities, very much linked to the territories. Hence the invitation to those responsible for the various EoC realities in the world:

We feel the need to begin this journey by starting with a round of listening to the different realities that make up the EoC in the five continents. It will help us to understand what are the things that you have most at heart for this new stage, before the next presidential meeting that we will have as an International Commission in February 2022.

The idea is to meet - already before the end of this year - by macro geographical areas in various virtual cafés with the aim of getting to know each other better and strengthening the shared understanding of being one global community. Six dates have been selected across the five continents, always from 13:00 to 14:30 (CET time). We will start with Italy today, Thursday 25 November, and then move on to Latin America (except Brazil) on 2 December, Africa on 9 December, Asia, Oceania and the USA on 16 December, Brazil on 21 December and finally Europe (except Italy) on 30 December.

These occasions will be spontaneous and not too formal, supported by a few guiding questions that will facilitate dialogue: What are the main challenges in relation to the EoC today in your territory? What dreams would you like to see realised in the coming years? What does the EoC represent for the world today? What are the expectations towards the new international EoC Commission?

Since it is not possible to listen to everyone at this early stage, there will be only a few people to represent the entire local EoC community. But those who will not be able to attend should not worry, because in the coming months there will be other meetings: it is indeed the intention of the International Commission to launch a more structured "synodal" process with a longer time frame to really listen to everyone.

Anouk, Isaias, Maja, Koen, Sole, John, Gloria, German and Maria Helena write:

We are very happy to start this new phase with each and every one of you! The world is waiting for us!

We are sure that many will respond to the invitation.



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