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#30EoC: Light, Life and Leaven: EOC Asia Pacific Summit 2021

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the launching of the Economy of Communion (EOC) by Chiara Lubich in Sao Paolo, Brazil on May 29, 1991, the newly-organized EOC Asia Pacific held a two-day summit, online, entitled “Light, Life and Leaven”, last May 29-30, 2021.

Over 400 people from 30 countries registered to participate in this event. The first day brought together personalities such as Prof. Luigino Bruni, International Director and Coordinator of the EOC worldwide, the Hon. Herminio “Sonny” Coloma, former Cabinet member in three past administrations of the Philippines, and Ms. Margaret Karram, newly-elected president of the Focolare movement, all of whom shared their thoughts on the meaning of 30 years of the EOC, the challenge of forming an inclusive economy in Asia Pacific, as well as EOC’s role in achieving a united world. It was capped with a segment on Voices of the Future where 5 young professionals, entrepreneurs and a graduate student expressed their hopes for a future that would be marked with more communion and fraternity, particularly in the economic field.

The second day focused on what it meant to live EOC in the lives of professors and graduate students, entrepreneurs, professionals and groups involved in social activities that favor the disadvantaged. Nearly 210529 Margaret Karram EOC Asia Pacifichalf of some 17 speakers were all below the age of 40, signifying a new era in the stage of the Economy of Communion, not only in Asia Pacific but in the world as well, where the youth have not only have had their voices heard - but have, in fact, engaged themselves deeply in the shaping of a new world characterized by more giving, more sharing, more caring for the welfare of the other.

Nearing the conclusion, a video with various people expressing what the face of poverty is in their society – as well as how they could be part of the solution, was shown, impacting on many participants and moving them to act and get involved with a greater awareness of the needs of their brothers and what even the power of ONE could accomplish.

Parting messages of Co-convenors Lawrence Chong and Teresa Ganzon called on more people to get involved in EOC Asia Pacific, to engage them in various facets of building a sustainable organization in order to ensure efforts to elucidate the meaning of working for an Economy of Communion and to build impact in various societies of Asia Pacific would not only continue but grow with the passage of time. All this, so that the needs of the poorest among us could be met, answered, through a change of the current, largely capitalistic, economic system.

Numerous comments shared online during and after the event confirmed that many people await the call for radical change - to heal people and the planet, beginning with thoughts, ideas, reflections that find their way to animating various actions and experiences towards the fulfillment of the dream of foundress, Chiara Lubich, “That all men be one!

 What is the Face of Poverty in Your Country? - EoC AP Summit 2021




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