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#EoC30 - The programme: One company is not enough

We are preparing a rich and varied programme for our 30th anniversary on 29 May: here we are offering you a taste of the part dedicated to the EoC Entrepreneurs, the real backbone of the project

by Francesca Giglio

The Economy of Communion is many things, but it is above all a life given by many. In the course of our celebration that will retrace our thirty years of life - on May 29, 2021, live from the Loppiano Auditorium from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. -, a special "chapter" will be dedicated to the figure of the entrepreneur, the beating heart of the EoC enterprises, and to their central role: the one who lets themselves be inspired by a strong call, has the courage to follow it, and continues the journey with creative and generous faithfulness.

210529 30 Anni EdC rid 350 ITWe will do this through some testimonies coming from the five continents, we will take in together with their inspiring entries what is being and has to be preserved from the origins, what they have learnt, what to focus on to reinvigorate the journey, and... what the EoC will be in the future. In some passages we will get inside vocation; in others we will gather more practical experiences; in others we will get to know the relationship that has been developed between geographical areas which are remote from each other and above all between those entrepreneurs of the first hour and the youngest, the last ones connected to the system, the new lifeblood to the project, as well as those who were born and grew up breathing this very context.

The relationship between different generations was also the driving force behind the creation of a special international incubator, EoC-IIN, which to date continues to inspire and accompany a number of young people with business ideas, guiding them on specific values and modus operandi.

If you had to create a profile for them, how would you describe the EoC entrepreneurs? They are courageous innovators, revolutionary change makers and people of impact (...and they were so even when "sustainability and social responsibility" were not yet part of academic manuals and company balance sheets!). Not heroes with supernatural powers, nor philanthropists, but sowers of authentic fraternity and ambassadors of reciprocity.

Pioneers -yesterday- and witnesses -today-, all the entrepreneurs involved in the project are the expression of a vision of the world and of doing business in a way that’s capable of fighting socio-economic barriers 30 years EdC 300and inequalities.

Going beyond private interests for the benefit of a larger community and animated by a sincere spirit of service and collaboration, these businessmen and women have the courage to take things seriously, spending themselves personally, triggering processes based on fair and respectful relationships, on a culture of legality, dignity, gratuitousness, solidarity and attention to the ones considered the lasts. With them, social life, including economic life, becomes a place of human and spiritual growth.

But one company is not enough! For this reason, the EoC companies, "in addition to standing on a deep understanding between the promoters of each of them, feel part of a wider reality" and in addition to time, talents and energies, "their profits are shared, because they are already living an experience of communion. This is why the enterprises are developing within small, 'industrial poles' (at least for now), close to the Movement's citadels and, if geographically distant, ideally linked to them.

Don't miss the opportunity to join us and discover some of the protagonists, their commitment and the integral sharing that have been generating great fruits with the EoC for 30 years now! 

Download the programme for 29 mai (5.05 MB)



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