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29/05/2021 - 30 years of the EoC: a worldwide event

On 29th May, the EoC will be 30 years old! We will celebrate this milestone together with a world event through live streaming from Loppiano (Florence, Italy). Some foretaste.

In 2021, the EoC project is 30 years old. This is an important birthday that invites us on the one hand to look carefully at the experience of these first 30 years and on the other to scan the horizon to see what the future holds for us, starting with young people. 29 May 2021 is therefore a very important date for us, for which we have been preparing for months.

The ongoing pandemic has prevented us from even imagining an in-person international meeting, as we always used to do, just think of the 20th anniversary of the EoC in May 2011, celebrated in São Paulo, Brazil, or the 25th anniversary congress held in Manila. So we thought that we would all come together, at least virtually, in a 'worldwide' event of reflection, celebration and party, for a few hours, on 29 May. We invite you all to be there!

The 30 Years of the Economy of Communion event, therefore, is intended to be a session in which, departing from our origins in Brazil in 1991, we will pause to reflect together on what we have experienced in these 30 years in order to understand what path we want to take for the future.

Starting from what Chiara often recommended to us: "Let us not forget the poor", the first and fundamental aim of the Economy of Communion, making ourselves strong with the same passion that Pope Francis is putting into this objective, and starting from the entrepreneurs who have embodied this dream, we will focus on "our" way of looking at poverty: it is not so much a matter of fighting it but of deciding to "touch" and "embrace" it in order to truly understand it. Who will give us the strength and courage to do this if not the young? They are the ones capable of prophecy, and it is with them that we want to imagine the next 30 years. "Young people will make prophecies if old people remain capable of dreaming."

The event of 29 May 2021 will be streamed live from the Citadel of Loppiano (Florence, Italy) and it will be possible to participate from all over the world: translation will be provided in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish. The programme will be enriched by the special presence of Gen Verde. Local listening hubs are being planned, where pandemic conditions allow.

We will provide more details on the programme in the coming days. In the meantime #Savethedate: 29 May 2021 from 13:00 to 17:00 (CEST). We look forward to seeing you all!

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