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EoC-IIN is an international organisation expressed in the form of a network for the incubation of new companies with the spirit of communion, with hubs present on various continents, which offer various services in the incubation process with the hallmark of generosity (gratuitousness) and reciprocity. 

EoC – IIN is a collective expression of the typical EoC cultural imprint: entrepreneurs and professionals who donate their talent and experience to facilitate the growth of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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Burkina Faso: EoC Training seminar in Bobo Dioulasso

Bobo Dioulasso gets in line with EoC with a Training seminar on entrepreneurship according to economy of communion

by the Eoc Commission of Burkina Faso

190517 19 Bobo Diulasso 03 ridAt Bobo-Dioulasso (BURKINA FASO), from 17th to 19th May 2019, a seminar was held on economy of communion at CESAO (Center for Studies of Social and Economic Experiments) under the theme : Entrepreneurship according to Economy of Communion. The seminar aim was to share, guide and transmit to young students, entrepreneurs and managers of organizations the best business management practices of entrepreneurs in the Economy of Communion. A total of 98 participants from Niger and Burkina Faso participated, with two trainers : Christiana Nonye Onyima from Nigeria and Steve Azeumo from Cameroon. A proof of maturity by the local commission of Burkina Faso, beyond expectations: it was able to bring together a huge crowd of youths, they were really the core initiators of the training.

Thanks to an inclusive working method, interactive discussions and illustrative case studies of the context of Bobo, the target of the seminar was attained, above all through the reception and orientation of the responsibles of the Focolare Movement at Bobo-Dioulasso (Pascal and Aurora).

The three-day training all started by the learning of EoC values, followed by a practical module on entrepreneurship, inter alia : creativity, budgeting, business 190517 19 Bobo Diulasso 02 ridmodel and communication. On the last day, a video presentation, brought to book by EoC France, of EoC’s 25th anniversary overwhelmed participants, arousing in them the zeal to be part of this great family.

Thus, the momentum gathered during the presentation of projects; a strong moment under an atmosphere of joy and seriousness, during which each participant got to the pitch of his project in no time.

Adding to the success of this seminar, is the installation of the Burkina-Faso’s local economy of communion commission; crowned by the sharing of the beautiful experience of Mister ISSAAC CHOKKI, an EoC entrepreneur in Burkina-Faso, who took us to his livestock farm (poutry, pig…) situated 15 Km away from the center of Bobo-Dioulasso.

At the end of the training, some impressions received before the award of participation certificates, show the total satisfaction of participants: a young lady asserts:

« I have taken part in many trainings on entrepreneurship but this time around, I was moved by a certain way of doing things and I can say that the greatest lesson gotten from this training is the possibility of living my christian spirituality even in business. This is the new vision put forward by EoC »

One adds:

« I have a broaden mind and my vison is widen, thanks to this training »

Another one, more than half, outline:

« I am very happy for there were many youths and I have the hope that soon businesses with EoC vision shall see daylight in Bobo-Dioulasso.»

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