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July 1991 - Two months after the birth of the EOC in Brazil, the project begins in Argentina next to the small town of Mariapolis Andrea and immediately following the birth of the Industrial Park there on 34 hectares of land.

solidaridad_serre1.jpgThe EOC association was formed under the name of UNIDESA (Unity and Development) to manage the industrial park, to create the conditions for the installation of the businesses that would give visability to the Economy of Communion Project.

In order to participate in the project, the indication of "We´re poor but many" was followed and the offer of shares is made at a nominally low price so that all can be shareholds of the Polo.

In 1995, an urbanistic project is proposed for families on a part of the land  solidaridad_laboratorio(around 5 hectares) and with the sale of 29 lots the first infrastructures are inserted (water, light, telephone, etc.) for the businesses

In order to spread the word about the cultural aspect of the project and the businesses belonging to it throughout Argentina, an EXPO begins in 1998 which is visited by 25,000 people annually in Mariapolis Andrea.

National meetings of entrepreneurs take place twice a year in various regions of Argentina and in which the consciousness of the current need for such a challenge continues to mature.

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