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How to save business and friendship? The story of a collaborative competition

The testimony of Irish entrepreneur Andrew Basquille during the Sophia University Institute's Business Strategy course aroused the keen interest of students. 

by Giampietro Parolin

Andrew BasquilleIn accordance with the established tradition, every year the "Business Strategy" course at the Sophia University Institute hosts an entrepreneur who tells their own business story. This year, with the transition of the course to the English language, the opportunity to have international guests was opened and so Andrew Basquille from Ireland was invited. He has been working with an established and successful English language school “Language & Leisure” for thirty years in Dublin.

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Tucuman, Argentina: important recognition to EoC entrepreneur Margarita Ramirez De Moreno

Margarita's commitment as a "community creator" was recognized during the 1st Meeting of Women for Peace

by Antonella Ferrucci

181001 Tucuman Premio Margarita 02 rid 300Tucuman, Argentina - Margarita Ramirez De Moreno, Argentinean from Santa Maria di Catamarca, descendant of the aboriginal "calchaquies" and mother of seven children. Graduated from the Aurora School in her city, in 2003, in the face of rampant unemployment, she decided to establish a spinning mill to supply the weaving workshop of the school, an institution recognized by the Argentine government for the great educational contribution it offers in the study and recovery of the techniques and symbols of the "Quechua" culture.

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A melon shared... and a piece of paradise in the heart

Poverty, today: our reader offers us a very recent experience that takes us back to the life of Chiara Lubich and her first companions, in Trento, at the beginning of the Focolare adventure.

Frutta e verdura 3I have been back home for the summer for a couple of weeks now and, as every year, I take advantage of this to try to resolve the situations that still bind me to this Earth. After so many years lived here, there are so many things to conclude and, every year, with the help of God I try to solve some of them, in the hope of taking care of every little thing in the end. Of course, these are also the days to meet many friends, and exchange the news and ordinary things of our lives.

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Slovenia: "new men and women" are formed at the “Ray of Sun” Kindergarten

In Slovenia there is an organisation that considers education a basic lever for a sustainable future and harmonious humanity.

by Francesca Giglio

Asilo Raggio di sole Slovenia 04 ridIn addition to teaching, at the Ray of Sun kindergarten we help children develop team spirit, build healthy interpersonal relationships, and deal with problems by looking at them from different angles.

Founded in 2003 in Škofja Loka, near Ljubljana, after 3 other institutes designed in the same style in the Balkan area, Ray of the Sun is a nursery school and kindergarten pioneering in an innovative and effective educational model. Its pedagogy draws on the ideal of unity by Chiara Lubich and develops a concrete application of the thought of the founder of the Economy of Communion on education, related to the primacy of the relational dimension.

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Begun From a Gift

A married businesswoman, married with two children, Simona Rizzi is president of a consortium of Il Gruppo Tassano, Italy which operates according to the Economy of Communion.

published in on 14/05/2018

SimonaRizzi TV2000 rix sxShe lives and works in the province of Genoa, in a city of the North West, a very pleasant area between the sea and the mountains. Her role as president of one of the consortia of the social enterprise network with about seven hundred employees in the social service sector, welfare and job placement for disadvantaged people and regional representative of AIPEC (Italian Association of Entrepreneurs for an Economy of Communion) have in no way diminished her spontaneity and simplicity. Her testimony was closely listened to during a conference at the Italian Embassy in the Vatican, on May 3, 2018.

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Ireland: LLI, a great school of English and not only...

Language Learning International, an EoC English language school in Ireland: the quality of relationships has been at the centre for 28 years

by Francesca Giglio

LLI Ireland 01 rid 300Study abroad programmes, even a full school year for high school students; Summer Schools & Mini Camps for youth groups who would like to improve their knowledge of a foreign language, mainly English in Ireland, but also some other programmes in France, Spain and Germany; dynamic and performance centred learning techniques; selected families for board and lodging who often live close to the venue of classes and for whom it is a real pleasure to host children from different countries as they consider it a cultural richness to be able to care for them together with their own children; lively cultural, social, sports, artistic entertainment programs combined with classroom hours; official recognition by accredited bodies for ELT (English Language Teaching).

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Spiga Dorata, Brazil: Bread with Great Added Value

The Story of a Company with a Purely EoC DNA

by Francesca Giglio

Espiga Dourada insegna ridTelling about the Spiga Dorata means telling the story of a great desire to spend money on the poorest turned into a wonderful entrepreneurial folly. A project that over time has generated so much and reached so many important numbers, standing up to the challenge of the obstacles and threats of a place as hostile as the peripheral metropolitan areas in Brazil, also succeeding in holding back violence with a welcoming openness to the other and a deep sense of service.

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Uganda - Argentina: a meeting of two worlds

The contagious dream of a young Ugandan entrepreneur and his connection with the Argentinean EoC....

by Carolina Carbonell

171116uganda07Uganda is known as the "Pearl of Africa", a country known above all for its national parks that house the "Big Ten”, the 10 big game animals.

Henry is an average young man originally from a village near the city of Masaka. In the past 5 years he studied Economics in Kampala, the capital of the country, and now lives and works in Entebbe, a city located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near Kampala. The lake, whose name is a heritage from the colonial era, looks like a sea for its extension and Henry goes to fish there to get the raw material he uses in his farm. “In Masaka I noticed that people no longer have time to prepare their meals slowly, cooking for several hours, and it was with the aim of solving this problem that I had the idea of processing meat and fish for sale.

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Argentina: when the EoC and tourism meet

Two important recognitions to the EoC Sustainable Tourism Project "Conectando destinos, uniendo personas". 

by Francesca Giglio

Argentina Turismo Sostenibile 01 ridAt the end of September, as the hashtag #Travel, Enjoy, Respect! was being spread by UNWTO, in line with the latest actions with which the United Nations are starting to conclude the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, two wonderful news arrived from Argentina. With a surprising coincidence of time, they tell about and hand out rewards to a great story, an exemplary project showing how tourism can have a unique and strategic contribution in the field of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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Francis Ganzon, Finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year Philippines 2017

Entrepreneur Of The Year Philippines is a program of the SGV Foundation, Inc., with the participation of co-presenters Department of Trade and Industry, the Philippine Business for Social Progress, and the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Banking on being a good neighbor

published in Businessworld on 02/10/2017

EOY Francis Ganzon 100217 ridTRUST and integrity have always been essential qualities in the financial industry. These values are what motivated Atty. Francis Ganzon, 67, when he took over Bangko Kabayan, a private development bank dedicated to improving and empowering small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

After graduating from the Ateneo de Manila College of Law, and working as an associate lawyer, Mr. Ganzon left his legal career to help save his father-in-law’s business, the Ibaan Rural Bank, Inc. (IRB). The IRB was in the middle of a bank run with bank personnel involved in fraud cases. “My father-in-law said my only concern is to regain the trust of the people and to make sure everything is done properly,” recalls Mr. Ganzon.

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#StorytellingEdC: fire in communion

The stories of EoC companies do not always have an ending because they never end.

by Carolina Carbonell

170907 incendio el albaAldo Calliera is the owner of the agricultural EoC company El Alba in Santiago del Estero, in the north of Argentina, and has already been the protagonist of another story on the EoC site: ...Di cavalli e mandriani (story available only in Italian – the tr.).

On Saturday 19 August, Aldo sent us a photo of the flames that were burning his field with great force. In his message he told us: "I have worked as a fire-fighter with my colleagues for two days now. In a couple of hours we lost the fruit of many years of ecological care of the native forests and all that grew on the agricultural plots". The next day further news arrived: “Last night we had another very complicated case of fire, but it is already under control”.

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