• Economía de Comunión
    Personas y empresas que activan procesos de comunión. Ideas y prácticas para una acción económica orientada a la reciprocidad y a la acogida. Un ámbito de diálogo y de acción para quienes trabajan por una civilización más fraterna, viendo el mundo desde los excluidos y las víctimas. más información...
  • The Economy of Francesco
    Vea la transmisión en directo del encuentro del Papa Francisco con los 1000 jóvenes de la EdC reunidos en Asís el 24 de septiembre de 2022.más información...
  • Grupos abiertos de personas con un interés común que se reúnen periódicamente en línea para compartir la vida y discutir un tema específico.más información...

Economía de Comunión

Personas y empresas que activan procesos de comunión.

Ideas y prácticas para una acción económica orientada a la reciprocidad y a la acogida.

Un ámbito de diálogo y de acción para quienes trabajan por una civilización más fraterna, viendo el mundo desde los excluidos y las víctimas. más información...



#EoF - Entrepreneurial Training

In collaboration with business people, mentors, senior, and entrepreneurs, The Economy of Francesco offers a short path to enhance your business idea and grounding your purpose within the vision & the principles of the EoF call.

EoF is much beyond green, circular and sustainable economy, our community aims to build up a fair, human-centered and inclusive new world and new markets. Through the entrepreneurial training, we will share inspirational talks, practical steps and helpful tools carried out by leading experts in their fields, keeping you and your business idea at the center and shaping commitment together. A soft training roadmap based on motivation, mentorship, networking, learning by doing.

Business is a noble vocation, directed to producing wealth and improving our world. It can be a fruitful source of prosperity for the areas in which it operates, especially if it sees the creation of jobs as an essential part of its service to the common good.”



Do you have a business idea or you are interested by these topics? The EoF Entrepreneurial Training is for you all! In particular, young EoF members, early stage entrepreneurs, start-uppers and change-makers with great potential to explore entrepreneurial experience, vibrant energies and business acumen. Come along with your skills, talent, passion and strong motivation strictly linked to EoF insight and principles. Together we can improve mission, positioning and get support.

The path consists of a series of on-line training appointments. After these meetings it is also possible to participate in a Live week-end, to deepen some projects and operational steps (at a business park in central Italy, in November, date & details to be confirmed).

We want to bridge people, skills and ideas, through the power of networking, crossover, mutual positive contamination, new opportunities, entrepreneurial initiatives development. Each own project will be the connection of the whole common training.

The workshops aim to help you landing your project and provide the necessary tools for the development of ideas by first bringing out the WHY, the main PURPOSE, the MEANING and the VALUE of one’s business. This is a time when it can all change and we have the power as well as the responsibility to do our part, by taking action and going deep in transforming business. The world will listen to EoF if we are able to spread healthy, innovative and really sustainable seeds.


  • JULY 3rd 2021. A first motivational talk with special guests to be inspired, to reach a common awareness, to focus on what “being an entrepreneur today” means, to prepare the ground, to consider the mental attitude, the predisposition to business risk. Small lectio with prof. Luigino Bruni who will hold a seminar on market, mutual benefit and cooperation, competition. A couple of iconic entrepreneurs’ experience “living a Business as Human Being”. Pitch time
  • JULY 24th 2021 & September *(date to be confirmed)
    Two more on-line technical gathering where YOU are the protagonists, the own idea will play the key role and each project is seen as experiment more than small business to set up. Again, side by side with senior entrepreneurs, let’s jump into:  practical plan, needs, strengths, weakness, threats, opportunities, general macro challenges that arise from an early stage, unsuccessful time is not failure, but continuous learning, round tables by expertise fields to check up current status of the activity and identify medium/long term vision.

enterpr.training 1080x1080The first skill needed by an entrepreneur is knowing how to manage the complexity of relationships: the entrepreneur is first and foremost a relationship builder …. What is the key feature of the entrepreneur? The anticipation. You have to see before the market where things are going… you have to listen to people, you have to read. The world changes everywhere: not only in the center, it also changes in the suburbs. The entrepreneur is driven by innovation, not by profit. The reward and the motive are not the same. The entrepreneur innovates by vocation, because entrepreneurs are like artists: inhabited by a demon that makes them restless. If they were driven by profit they would not be entrepreneurs, but speculators.”

Luigino Bruni, ENTREPRENEUR and COMMUNITY, Civil Economy lesson


  • Come aboard by June 28, 2021 through this G-form: https://forms.gle/KQZdM9U4NFCikgyi8
  • To join the initiative, you can have any work-in-progress idea, established projects and activities or simply interest in the business topic
  • On-line gathering will be available through AirMeet platform
  • A “Follow Up time”, after the meetings, will be also available: temporary “touch points” with mentors, at least throughout 2021
    The training is for free, except a small participation fee for those who will be able to participate at the LIVE WEEK-END (more details shortly)
  • Should you have any questions, or doubts, please feel free to contact us via Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

29 de mayo de 2021de 13 a 18 horasen directodesde Loppiano (Florencia - Italia)


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