Techniques for Self Leadership Series

L-earning Moments Column By Tita Datu Puangco from the Philippine Daily Inquirer  - Job Market and Working People

Techniques for Self Leadership Series:

Tita Datu Puangco of Ancilla Enterprise Development Consulting, a Filipino EOC company, offered the Tita_Puangcofollowing series as a short, free distance-learning course through the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In the series, Puangco gives some simple tips for any entrepreneur or employee wanting to take the initiative in preparing themselves to meet the constant challenges and changes in today’s business world while maintaining a mindful, enthusiastic, joyful and ethical work practice.

She offers advice such as “living the present moment well” in order to face today’s fast-paced, change-driven environment, or practicing Chiara Lubich´s “art of loving” in order to be a team-player. She widens one’s vision of work by posing questions such as “What is the will of God for my life?” and “Who are you here to help?” At the same time, she gets straight to the concrete questions of everyday work life: the value of time, interpersonal relationships, commitment, the importance of continual improvement, and being goal-oriented and focused.

Spurred on by the principles of the EOC, Puangco knows how to translate trust in God, the belief that all are children of one God, and the spirituality of unity into practical, lay-termed, everyday advice for good, moral leadership development.

  1. Knowledge is Source of Wealth
    1st of a Series (1 of 10)
  2. Live Well the Present Moment
    2nd of a Series (2 of 10)
  3. Power of Personal Vision
    3rd of a Series (3 of 10)
  4. Mission with Passion
    4th of a Series (4 of 10)
  5. The Joy and Passion for Work
    5th of a Series (5 of 10)
  6. Be a Team Player!
    6th of a Series (6 of 10)
  7. Polish the Rainbow Gems of Teamwork
    7th of a Series (7 of 10)
  8. Know and Leverage Your Talents
    8th of a Series (8 of 10)
  9. The Virtue of Self Discipline
    9th of a Series (9 of 10)
  10. Exercise Moral Leadership
    10th of a Series (10 of 10)

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