EoC Census, Identity by Saying Yes

In ancient times the initiative to count the people was regarded with suspicion and lived with fear. The questionnaire for the entrepreneurs of the Economy of Communion instead is an opportunity of making a new choice.

by Luigino Bruni

from "Economia di Comunione - una cultura nuova" n.39 - editorial insert in Città Nuova n.13/14 - 2014 - July 2014

N37 Pag4 Sec LB 01 ridCensuses are always a complex issue. In ancient times, the act of counting people, and most importantly, writing down their names was surrounded by mystery and fear, because it was thought that counting and writing down the names would evoke the presence of evil spirits. The Bible, for example (the Second Book of Samuel), tells us that after David took a census in Israel, God punished him and sent pestilence to the land. This census was one of the greatest sins of David. Why is that? The reason is simple: by counting his men, David sought confirmation that he was the boss and the owner of his people, and not God. Since we are aware of this ambivalence of each census and know the fate that befell David, we have not launched an online questionnaire to "count ourselves" and so feel to be owners and holders of many businesses, perhaps of an empire; instead, we wanted to give the opportunity to all entrepreneurs who have joined the EoC to make a new choice. 23 years have passed already since the "blessed" 29th May 1991, when Chiara Lubich invented the EoC (for the poor, for us, for all).

Many of the entrepreneurs who still constitute the pillars of it in various parts of the world are the ones who said yes in the first roll, listening and responding to a personal call. Many others joined in later years, and continue to join us even today. A few of the pioneers have retired, others (the most valuable ones!) are in heaven, Some (a few) have left the project, for various reasons.

All of us, however, can choose again, here and now, to be members of the EoC. Although ours is a project for companies, membership is always for real people who say yes. Therefore there is no need for a company resolution, nor for official documents (there may also be, and sometimes it is good to have them, but they are not essential). The purpose of the questionnaire is to say yes again to the EoC of Chiara Lubich, N39 pag 04 Censimento bassorilievo rid with the same conviction as the first time, but with a greater awareness and more faithful love

To facilitate the filling in of the questionnaire and to make it simple, it was created ??online with a software developed specially for this with a great effort of Alberto Ferrucci and John Mundell. The questionnaire will work if employers realise the importance of it, and devote a few minutes of attention to it (you can find it on the site www.eoc-companies.org). However, what is very important for us, this questionnaire would be the first step in an ongoing intercourse, where we can share information, experiences, and, above all, feel part of the same network that is working every day to make the economy a better place, and thus contribute to a more united world. We will not use the data collected either to "count ourselves", or to feel big and powerful. We just want to say 'yes' again, together and solemnly, to the Economy of Communion. And it will live, grow and mature if we continue to believe it and therefore to live it.

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