Giving Dignity to a Vocation

Giving Dignity to a Vocation
from "Economy of Communion - a new culture " n.30 - december 2009

“It´s necessary that the economy of communion
not limit itself to giving examples
of creating new businesses
inspired by it,
with a few comments
by who is more or less expert,
but rather, what is needed is that it become a science
with the participation
of economists who are prepared
and who know how to lay out
the theory and the practice,
comparing it with other
available economic scientists,
provoking not only graduate theses,
but schools from which many
can draw upon.

A true science that would give dignity
to who must show it with facts
and it means a true vocation
for who commitments himself to it
in any way”.

Chiara Lubich, Mariapoli Araceli, 7 May 1998

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