Businesses that meet over the web

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Businesses that meet over the web

By John Mundell

From "Economy of Communion - a new culture" N.30 - December 2009

john_mundell1Recently, a new website,, which goes alongside the international EoC website,, has begun in the United States in order to meet the needs of various countries and to allow EoC businesses to dialogue among each other. It is also aimed towards youth who wish to know more about the EoC and experience this new way of working. There are already 156 businesses from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croazia, Lussemburgo, Portugal, Serbia and the United States that have joined.

The site is managed by Ed and Eileen Johnston and allows B2B (Business to Business) communication, helping the EoC network to increase the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as foster business and production relationships among EoC businesses. Recently, the site has been placed at the service of the entire international EoC project.

Naturally, this means a shift between an experimental phase to a much more rigorous admissions procedure, in order to safeguard participants as much as possible from unwanted meddling, which unfortunately is not unheard on the web today.

This procedure entrusts the decision of admissions on the site to the local EoC commissions. Therefore, each business that has adhered to the project and wants to be posted on the B2B website must contact the EoC commission of his or her region or country, providing it with the information necessary for admissions and agreeing to update such information at least once a year to maintain their membership.

The local commissions will then inform the central EoC commission about new admissions or suggested exclusions. The international commission will then contact the website manager, requesting that the business be assigned a user name and password with which that business can insert both the information it wants to share with everyone and that to share only with other EoC businesses.

In fact, the site is structured so that whoever accesses the homepage can view a worldmap showing the geographic location of all the businesses on the site. By clicking on the business, the viewer can see all the information which that business has decided to make public.

Access to "EoC businesses only" information is limited to those with a username and password, in other words, the businesses on the site, the local EoC commissions and the central EoC commission, who holds the final say on approvals or exclusions.

For youth who are interested in doing a work experience with an EoC business, the local commissions can assign a special password that gives access to the information that businesses have decided to publish on their sector, availability to host youth for internships/stages, and any other requirements (studies, language, etc.).

Whoever has access to the private area of the site can consult the list of businesses in alphabetical order, or by searching for businesses by country, language, sector, or name.

In the future, it will also be possible to submit Curriculum Vitae to the entrepreneurs through the site. In order for the site to be functional in the future, timely translations will be necessary to make the information submitted by businesses available in the sites five languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French). Therefore, it will be very useful to receive information about entrepreneurs or friends of the project (approved by the commission and given a special password) who are willing to give their contribution to help translate the information published by the businesses on the site.

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