Dialogue with Our Readers

Dialogue with Our Readers

From "Economy of Communion - a new culture" N. 30 - December 2009

The Gift of a Job

My family has had various financial problems, and it was only thanks to the contribution received by the EoC to help with college payment that I was able to study at the university. But now I needed a job...

In June 2008, despite difficulties,  I applied for a federal post in Salto, my city. The application required exams to be taken in the capital. I had also applied for other jobs, and their exams had been set for the same day. So I had to take a test in Salto in the morning, and then in the afternoon take another in the capital, which was 110 km. away.

I would have finished the morning tired, and by the afternoon I wouldn´t be able to render much, but I had studied a lot. The big day arrived, and I went to the first exam with trust. When it finished, I “flew” to the capital, where I arrived a half-hour early.

At the end of the day, I was calm and ready to accept what Jesus would send me. However, in my heart, I told him, “Who knows, if I pass at least one of the two...You know what I need!”

After months, the answer finally arrived. In Salto, I had finished fifth, while in the federal offer I had been admitted as first contender in the second phase, which consisted in presenting titles and a cirriculum. Having few points, in the end, I finished third.

On the feast of the Nativity of Mary, September 8, I asked her: “I ask you the impossible, Mother...I would like to start the year with a new job! You know what I need to help my family!” On December 23, I received a telephone call from Sao Paulo, which told me that I was first on the list for a placement as administrative assistent.

I had received the hundredfold, my Christmas gift! As soon as I started to work, I asked that the help I had been receiving from the EoC be sent to another person who was now needier than I, certain that she, too, would experience the hundredfold!

Renata Maciel
Salto, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil


The Friday Barbecue

In 2004, Mario made a proposal to Milton, his then employee, to create a construction company together, in which they would adopt a way of working, respecting rules and a conception of heirarchy that followed the guidelines of the Economy of Communion. That was when “Domus Aurea” began, which today has 13 employees.

“We started by making a pact,” said Mario and Milton, “putting into practice the EoC and living in such a way that our Hidden Shareholder, Jesus, would always be among us.

“Over time, the business grew. We saved to buy new machines and created an environment around us that was always serene and cordial, putting the “person” at the center. Our workers realized that there was something different about our business, and when they asked us about this, we explained what was behind it all.

“In “Domus Aurea”, the working groups are lead by Carlos and Rodolfo. Rodolfo had been dreaming to have a motorcycle for some time, because he had a long bike ride to get to work. As soon as the opportunity arose, we gave him a loan with the profits of the business. He was able to buy the motorcycle, and he paid back the loan over time.”

Mario and Milton felt the need to check on how the relationships among everyone were going, so they called a meeting with all the employees so that each one could himself calmly. After that meeting, the need arose to continue this dialogue more constantly. So it has become almost like a rite that on Fridays during lunch, they eat barbecue together. “We´re all aware that we have to continue working in the afternoon, so when we go to buy the drink, we buy a maximum of two beers for eight people!”

From “Domus Aurea”
Montevideo – Uruguay

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