Destination of the EOC Businesses´ Profits

Destination of the EOC Businesses´ Profits

From "Economia di Comunione - una cultura nuova"  n.29 - September 2009

In this section, we present a synthesis of the data related to the profits put in common by the businesses that adhere to the EOC, allocated to the typical project aims in 2009.


The destination of profits
Respecting the objectives of the project, 46% of the profits were destined to help those in need, 50% to formational activities for "new men and women" and 3% for management costs.

Seventy-two percept of the businesses´ profits allocated to help those in need was invested in education and instruction, from primary school to university. Sixteen percent (eight times what was invested last year) was invested in projects that create new jobs or consolidate those at risk. The remaining twelve percent was allocated to housing and healthcare in emergency situations and to integrate low income.

The businesses´ profits allocated for the formation of "new men and women" was mostly used to finance direct formational activities - among which 57% to the University Institute Sophia, 15% for seminars, courses and schools of formation in many zones of the world, 10% to finance trips to reach the places of formation, 10% for printing and 8% to maintaining structures aimed at formation.

The beneficiaries of the projects
Beyond the hundreds of people who took advantage of formation activities, 809 were those helped directly with the profits put in common by the businesses. These took advantage of temporary help, necessary to cover urgent needs, and which were personally followed from the moment that these people could not get out of difficulty until they reacquired economic independance. 
Reguarding the types of help, 90% were students between 6 and 30 years old. The number of jobs created or consolidated went up 50% with respect to last year.

Scholarships financed involved 37% university students, 38% high school students, 21% elementary school students and 4% was made up of 30 or so youth participating in professional courses.

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