News from Latin America

News from Latin America

By Alberto Ferrucci 
from "Economia di Comunione - una cultura nuova"  n.28 - December 2008

Recife: Ginetta Industrial park
n28_pag._21_armando_tortelli.jpg"“Finally all permits arrived. My son Gabriel went with Marco to finalize all the last details for the starting of the activity in January”: Armando Tortelli wrote. He, with Marcos Gugel from Recife, is opening in the Ginetta Industrial Park a Branch of the Prodiet Farmaceutica (the business that Armando manages with Roseli and three of their five children, in the Spartaco Industrial Park and in Curitiba, near San Paulo).
Armando went on to say: “it is a matter of giving everything. The economic crisis increased the cost of money and this is not the right time to make new investments. I feel however that our businesses within the EoC must not follow the world´s present indicators. It is the time to be reborn, to be childlike, to give everything and to believe. We had this confirmed by the “Banco do Nord Este” (Bank of the North-East), that, despite the financial turbulence, believed in our project and granted us an important line of credit at a lower rate interest than that of commercial Banks. A great sign from God."


The “EoC Nord Este” manages the Ginetta Industrial Park and its new President Alvaro Mesquita restored a rustic building there, to house the business of Dima and Joao Bosco which produces purses and bags, the Atelier Santa Flora. They also started a joint-venture with the association Meninos de Rua, based on a professional and entrepreneurial education for 24 young people from the different residences of the Case do Menor (Homes for minors) of Brazil (see article on the Pedagogy of Communion).

Fortaleza: International Seminar on Micro credit
The Institute for Human Economy and Reciprocity (INEHR) organized the “International n28_pag._21_stefania_lupetti_ed_il_gruppo_di_edc.jpgSeminar on Micro Credit”, in July 2008, in Fortaleza, in the State of Ceará (Brazil).  Stefania Lupetti presented the EoC experience of the Tassano Consortium in Genoa (Italy) and she highlighted especially the inclusion of differently able people in the job market.

O’Higgings (Argentina): Solidaridad Business 
A new business called Lumi was started in the Solidaridad Business Park ( n28_pag._21_lumi_con_cons._unidesa.jpgIt produces chocolate covered cookies, created to go with the coffee of the large chain of coffee stores Martinez from Buenos Aires.
Jorge German from Paraná and Jorge Perrin from O’Higgings derived the name of the new business from the “new name” given by Chiara to Luminosa, one of the first Argentinean Focolarine, who left for Heaven some years ago on the 7th of March, the day of the birth of the business.
The last week of August 2008 twenty young people and seven entrepreneurs initiated together an experience that will be repeated twice in 2009; meeting with the EoC by means of a work camp to improve the infra structures of the Business Park.

Bolivia: International Congress of Supportive Economy
The Economy of Communion, fruit of the Carism of Unity, was presented at the beginning of May 2008 n28_pag._21_ramon_cervino.jpgto Sucre (Bolivia) by Raul Gamarra (Uruguay), Ramon Cerviño (Argentina) and local members of the EOC, to the International Congress on Supportive Economy organized by the Kolping Association. All awaited the EOC proposal as an efficient way to resolve the serious economic problems of he South American continent.

San Paolo: Spartaco Industrial Park
Business news: The Prodiet Nutrição Clínica requested an area of 2000 square meters to install a new factory of diet products; the ECOAR launched a new product, Powder Soap; the Rotogine began its ISO certification and purchased the equipment for thermo shaping for mass production.

Belem: Francois Neveux Business Park
The business Feito por Nós (made for us) has a new web site to present its thirty products obtained from Amazonian fruits, with favors unknown in many parts of the world.
The Floriculture began the production of flowering orchids and of lettuce by means of hydroponics and offers courses on flower growing.
Belem hosted the World Social Forum on January 29th and 30th 2009. The Political Movement for Unity and the ANPEC (National Association of the EoC) with local entrepreneurs interested in the EoC, took part in round tables to present the Economy of Communion.

Porto Alegre: Schools for Entrepreneurs
On November 28th 2008 we began a new school with one hundred and twenty people and 15 other cities connected via Internet, thanks to a new software that also provides the opportunity to take part with questions and comments. After the spiritual theme, an entrepreneur spoke of the concrete application followed by a few experiences and questions from the various cities. The Internet connection went on for one hour and ten minutes, followed by half an hour of sharing of experiences in groups. To extend the reach of this school the EoC Association will connect one city in half the states but to reach all of Brazil they will need to purchase new software.

The New Council of the ANPEC
On the 6th and 7th of last December the new council of the EoC National Association, ratified Armando Tortelli as president. The council also adopted a statute that expands the membership to include a representative of the Study Center Philadelphia and representatives from all the Brazilian zones.
The Study Center is preparing the publication of the semi-annual scientific magazine on the EoC which is highly anticipated by the Academic Community. The magazine benefits from the participation of Maurizio Serafin and Claudia Herrero who are considered great assets.
Recently a new book edited by the Study Center was adopted by a managing engineering professor who, in the prestigious Administration Course of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, added it to its course as a new alternative of management. Another professor who did not meet anyone of the Economy of Communion also cited the EoC as a new alternative.

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