The Distribution of the EoC profits

The Distribution of the EoC profits

by Leo Andringa
from "Economy of Communion - a new culture"  n.28 - december 2008

To the indigents
n28_pag._12_leo_andringa_3.jpgFor quite some time the Economy of Communion Central Commission, responsible to manage both the enterprises’s EoC profits and the “extraordinary contributions”, feels the strong need to make the utilization of the available funds more transparent. The “extraordinary help” was began in 1994 because of the need to integrate the revenues from the businesses, still insufficient to cover all the needs of our poor.

By doing this we want to increase the “communion” among everyone, keeping in mind that in our enterprises operate people of all convictions and most diverse cultures. We feel it is important therefore that we pass on the economic, cultural and human values of the EoC project. It was for this reason that in 2008 the enterprises were asked to send half of the shared profits, the ones assigned to the poor, to Action for a United World (AMU), the NGO of the Focolare Movement, born to finance development projects in the world areas with most difficulties.

AMU studies, in conjunction with the EoC, the projects to finance by verifying their economic feasibility and their capacity to generate productive activities, so as to free the indigents from their condition. AMU is able to document for the enterprises how the money was distributed and the achieved results, encouraging the businesses to produce new profits to share. By doing this we make the EoC project more transparent for the aspect of our public communications and we offer the Italian businesses the possibility to deduct their contributions from their taxes.

The EoC is committed to continue to further a development model, with the dignity of the person and communion, at the center. Those who give and those who receive  belong to the same community, and the relationship is based on mutual love which leads us to help the person to get out of poverty.

It is a long and difficult road and a new challenge.  Since 2007 we differentiated the use of the available funds. For the persons needing continuous help, the elderly and the chronically ill, we provided help through our communion of goods and the extraordinary help, while most of the funds of the EoC businesses was used for temporary support to people who lost their job, had to finish their studies, or for sudden illnesses or calamities.

At the same time we activated new forms of help, such as credit and micro-credit, with the requirement to return the funds, with equal dignity between those who receive and those who give. With these new instruments the EoC commissions, in some parts of the world, were able to start, together with their poor, new productive activities.

Finally in October 2008, Francesco Tortorella, the expert collaborator of AMU, has come to be with the EoC, assuming the task to initiate the projects, to evaluate the various forms of temporary help and to take care of the operational aspects of the collaboration between the EoC and Amu.

To make this rapport even stronger and to follow from within the AMU’s operations, Leo Andringa will also be a member of their board.

For the development of new men and women
Chiara knew from the start that we can’t have a new economy without new people: for this reason the money assigned to education and people spiritual development is strategically the most important for the development of the project and for its impact on the contemporary culture.

In the early years this part of the money was assigned to support our press, mostly in the areas of the world where the Movement was just beginning; to allow young people take part in our schools of spiritual and human formation; and for the building development of our small cities.

From now on, however, a large amount on the money of the shared profits earmarked for education will be assigned to support the new University Sophia (200 thousand Euros), especially to cover scholarships for young people from all over the world who may be without the necessary funds to cover the living expenses and the university fees.

This is a good investment, easily shared also by people of different cultures, since the idea that the strategies offered by politicians and economist are not sufficient and that we need a turning point toward a culture of sharing, of interdependence, of universal brotherhood, i.e. the culture of Sophia, is already widespread and widely accepted.

The rest of the profit sharing will be agreed upon between the EoC Central Commission and the central leaders of the Focolare Movement, and it will be for educational projects and conventions oriented toward the incarnation of the various aspects of our culture of communion.

Since it is impossible to move also this part of the money through AMU for the fact that, by our statute, it can’t offer courses or seminars within Europe, we have asked the EoC enterprises to send, for the time being, the funds of their profits for this third part, to the juridical agency of the Focolare, the PAFOM.
With this arrangement the University Sophia will provide the public documentation of the use of funds through their bugdet and the Central Commission will have to document what is left.

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