A Clear (Chiara) Voice

A Clear (Chiara) Voice

by Alberto Ferrucci
from "Economy of Communion - a new culture " n.28 - december 2008

n28_pag._03_alberto_ferrucci.jpg “In 2001 the city of Genoa gave Chiara an honorary citizenship right in the year of the G8 meeting, a moment when the distance among human beings appeared very big. Today 2008 seems to us again an emblematic year, in which the strength of the Economy can do nothing, if it is not united with other idealities like those advocated by the Founder of the  Focolare Movement”.

These words expressed by Claudio Burlando, the President of the Ligurian Region, resounded in the very crowded hall of the Major Council of the Ducal Palace, where the Genovese Authorities chose to remember the honor they gave Chiara 7 years before.

In that same Hall Cardinal Bagnasco, after giving Maria Voce, the new president of the Focolare Movement, the warm greetings from the Italian Bishops, he formulated to her his personal wish, full of meaning: that the Work of Mary may always be a Chiara (Clear in Italian) Voice in the Church and in the World.

He wished her a Clear Voice(Chiara Voce), capable to communicate to humanity the gifts of the Spirit, legacy of the Movement and the inspirations necessary to build the new humanism which the representatives of the various institutions wished for in a choral voice so as to discern a way to a common sustainable future. They were the gifts which, above all in her last years of her life, Chiara felt the urgency they could inundate all the realms of human endeavors, for which they were destined.

The Cardinal wish for a Chiara Voce (Clear Voice) reminded us of the greeting  “Ciao Chiara” with which all of us young people were addressed by Igino Giordani, a great writer and politician co-founder of the Focolare, today in the process of beatification. He used to greet us in this way to impress in our souls that it would be our task to spread and share the gifts of the Charism and that we could do it only by living the Gospel with the same intensity and fullness of Chiara. Our Maria Voce is well aware of it. When the young people asked her what to do now, she answered: “there where you work, you must feel you are all presidents of the Work of Mary”.

This same wish to be a Clear Voice(a Voce Chiara), we feel is also for us while we dialogue with the contemporary economic culture, strong with the concrete reality of our businesses. Each one of them in the various parts of the world where they work, big or small it may be,represents a point of contact on which the whole project rests.And it is a responsibility, a burden that becomes light when it is carried in communion with all who operate in it and also with those working in the new earth and new heavens. I mean our entrepreneurs up in heaven and Chiara, Jesus and Mary. This is a dimension we can experience if we live the New Comandment of the Gospel..

To send this news brief all over the world to all those who are interested in it, our “small EoC Synod”, of 140 representatives held last November (page 19) took on the commitment to send it personally, not in a printed form. Those people also pledged to translate it into several other languages and make it available in our web site www.edconline.org which recently was revived and enriched (page 11). We have also decided to hold EoC conventions in each Zone and to have one big International Convention in Brazil to celebrate the 20 years of the EoC in May 2011. At that point we will re-define the “Guidelines on how to conduct an EoC business” work began in the 2007 meeting (page 20). On that occasion we also felt the precious need to have more continuity  with other reality involved in other social projects, like that of the Meninos de Rua (page 14 and 15). Then about what is new for the EoC businesses, Teresa Ganzon (page 16) share how from their desire to rescue the poor from esclusion from society her bank invented a new activity apt to offer new jobs especially to the young while Armando Torelli (page 18) confirms to us his decision to open a new branch in a Business Park thousands of miles far from its main headquarters with the following words: “The economic crisis made the cost of money run up, it is not the right moment to make new investments. However I feel our operating withing the EoC must not follow the economic indicators of the present time. It is a time to be reborn, to be like children, to give everything andf to believe. This was confirmed by the “Banco do Nordeste” who offered us an important line of credit... A beautiful sign from God”.

Like after the death on a cross of their leader, the Emmaus disciples were disappointed, after Chiara’s departure, we too may experience disconfort. However if we live “communion”, we too will feel, like those disciples,  our heat burn within us, and we will understand much better, within the plans of Providence which guides history, the meaning of the present financial, social and ecological disasters and we will aquire the abiluity to read the signs of the time and the way to the resurrection.

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