God knows what you need

The Gospel’s promises come true even in difficult economic times

God knows what you need

Experiences published in Living City, March 2010

I had enough money for food, but no medical insurance. Because of my illness, I urgently needed to get a certain medication that was more than the money I had on hand. I really didn’t know what I was going to do.

After worrying about it for a couple of hours, I decided to go ahead to the pharmacy and buy the medicine, confident that God wouldn’t let me go without food. When I was about to pay, a young man whom I didn’t know came up to me and said, “Let me pay for your medicine.” I was astounded! It was as if Jesus himself had come in that young man to solve my problem.  —M. M. 

We are a family of five, so we have to manage our income well. My husband and I prepare a budget at the beginning of each year including the various expenses we anticipate and an extra amount is set aside for unforeseen expenses. Then we consider the difference between our income and expense as money to be shared in the communion of goods for the needs of our Focolare community. At the end of the year, we frequently find that the expenses have exceeded our income, but the account is always balanced in the end through the love of God who provides us with his providence.

This always astonishes us, but we have tangible proof that Jesus’ words are true and that the miracle is continually repeated.

One year our resources were particularly strained. There were many unforeseen expenses with our house—the dentist, medical specialists and traveling expenses. Nevertheless, when there was a special request for help in the community, we even put aside our own needs. Although at times it was a little difficult, I always said “yes” to Jesus in my neighbor whom I wanted to love. At the end of the year, we discovered that the money we had earned had been sufficient to cover everything and even left us with an unexpected surplus that we were able to share.              — C. M. 

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