Invest on humanity

Invest on humanity

By Alberto Ferrucci
published in Città Nuova N.17/2009

Cramped between the limits of the Euro and the promise "to not put our hands in the pockets of the Italian people", our government wants to recuperate a few million with a 5 percent remittance on the return of illegally exported capital. It offers a lifejacket for who had exported their earnings in order to avoid paying the community who made those taxes possible, betraying it. We´ve already spoken about this.

If these actions confirm that - unfortunately, in Italy, once again - the sly are able to get away things, then what positive contribution can one give if he doesn´t want to be sly because he doesn´t want to betray his country? The recent encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate highlighted another type of civil society, but what can that civil society do? And, in particular, what contribution can be made by those who are not affected by the crisis because, perhaps, their business is going well, as are earnings, pensions or savings?

The Gospel says that one can´t bury talents out of fear of losing them, whether this is money, entrepreneurial capacity, artistry or something else.
We are often encouraged by the government to have trust and spend in order to help get out of the crisis. But how should be spend? A good rule of thumb might be the following: asking ourselves if the purchases we make either build something for ourselves or for others, that is, if we invest, or rather, if we consume things that are not indispensable.

Investing is restructuring the house to heat it or to simply live better. It means buying an energy-saving appliance, or spending on training courses, or educating our children in new professional outlets, learning languages or developing artistic talents. With these expenses, one gives work to others by acquiring capacities that don’t evaporate during financial crises.

It also means investing in favor of the entire human family. Many economists admit that the way to get out of the crisis is sustainable development for all. It means helping peoples at every level to redeem themselves from hunger, to give each person a house, a school, a way of caring for themselves and making themselves autonomous in food production. It means helping them bring about in their own countries what they search for their children from developed countries, facing trips which give hope.

A big investment on humanity - for which resources can be collected under trustworthy organizations like the European Bank or the World Bank - can reduce economic unbalance, producing peace and reciprocal trust. It can even bring a great impulse to the world economy, taking away the motivations for that kind of terrorism that costs so much in resources and in lives of young people in our times.

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