#AMU - For the Development of Communion: the 2020 Report Has Now Been Published

The Report of the activities and achievements of the year 2020 that the EoC promoted together with AMU (Action for a United World), the result of the sharing of the annual profits of the EoC companies, is now available online.

AMU (Action for a United World) is a non-governmental development organisation that for more than 30 years has been "accompanying" vulnerable communities around the world with its projects to help them discover their own potential for development with the underlying objective of the "United World", in other words, the "universal fraternity" that Pope Francis has placed at the centre of his pontificate. For many years, AMU has been a partner and "operating arm" of the Economy of Communion, for which it manages part of the profits pooled by the companies to implement development projects that restore work and dignity to people in socially and economically vulnerable conditions.

AMU's approach to cooperation is the "development of communion", which is based on the ability of each person to give something of themselves and of the goods at their disposal, even in conditions of great need. For Logo AMU 2021 ridthis reason, each project includes specific forms and tools to implement the reciprocity of the gift, because every person, even in a situation of need, is the bearer of enormous potential and talents that can contribute to the human and social development of their community. The aspects of material growth, such as the creation of income-generating activities and access to a dignified life, are inseparable from those of personal and community growth, such as the rediscovery of one's own abilities, attention to others and trust in the construction of a fraternal relationship.

Together, AMU and EoC develop and implement projects to start up and consolidate productive activities with a high social impact that create new jobs and income for people in vulnerable situations. In this way, people who would otherwise be dependent on external help are given the opportunity to improve and enhance their working skills, and to earn a fair wage for their work that allows them and their families to have a decent life. The projects of AMU always start with a proposal from the local partner associations which, sharing the values of AMU and the EoC, work closely with the most varied situations of poverty in the world and it is through the local partners that the projects are developed and completed.

2020 was the year in which the history of peoples suddenly changed and the enormous difficulties of those who were already living in vulnerable conditions were increased. One could have said, simply, "when it rains it pours", seeing only the problem in these facts. The local communities taking part in the development projects, however, tried to see the opportunities for change, too, that these events brought with them, striving to ensure that when all is said and done, the communities will find a more solid economic fabric, with families more aware of their destiny and with stronger community ties.

The following AMU-EoC projects were active in 2020:

Development projects


Total EDC funds at AMU collected in 2019 and allocated to projects for 2020: € 286,809.52*
*€ 1,932.08 cover funds advanced by AMU in 2018-2019 for the Raise 2018 project and allocated by the EoC in 2020.

For each and every active project, the activities undertaken and the results achieved are described in the AMU-EdC 2020 Activity Report, starting with the total cost of the project and the contribution allocated by the EoC in 2020.

Download the Report !

The dream of AMU is a United World...


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