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The 2015 EoC International Congress will take place in Nairobi. All useful information can be found on this page.

We are now in the midst of preparations for the next global EoC events to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, in the month of May.

There will be two events: the  EoC International Congress entitled: "Yes to an Economy of Communion" in Nairobi (from 27 to 31 May 2015) and the “School for Young People” that will take place immediately before (22-26 May 2015) at the Mariapolis Piero, 40 km from Nairobi.

Registration is now open for both events on this page:

For more information on the International Congress contact:  Facebook page!

For more information on the “School for Young People” contact: Facebook page

Nairobi: An Intense EoC Working Weekend

In Nairobi an important weekend in preparation for the next EoC International Congress to be held in May.

by Antonella Ferrucci

150109-11 Nairobi 04 ridNairobi, January 10, 2015 – ‘In this beautiful African sunrise I glimpsed from the plane after a turbulent night, I see the beautiful dawn of the EoC in Africa’. It was with these suggestive words, accompanied by the pictures of the dawn that Luigino Bruni greeted his friends upon his arrival in Nairobi last Friday. He went there with Maja Calfová, representing all the International Commission of the EoC, to take stock of the preparation for the next EoC International Congress (27-31 May 2015) which will be preceded by the 1st International and Pan African EoC School for Young People (22-26 May 2015)

These are days of very intense meetings.’ Maja Calfová tells us, ‘Yesterday we met with the Committee of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi (CUEA) which is actively involved in the organization of the Congress to be held at this University. Among those present, there was the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Prof. Justus Mbae, Professors Juvenalis Baitu and Aloys Ayako, Dr. Sr. Nduku and some other members of the committee, too.’ The photos 150109-11 Nairobi 02 ridreflect great cordiality and the joy of meeting again.

Today, also in Nairobi, it was a day of hard work preparing for and sharing about the programme, with the committee that is working to prepare the congress. ‘We were - Maja continues - Corneille Kibimbwa from Congo, Ronald Mulenzi Uganda, Francis Chege, Charles Besigye, Anthony Njoroge, Peter Waweru, Mutuura Martin, Gloria Nalumu and Liliane Mugombozi from Kenya, Luigino Bruni from Italy and myself from Slovakia; for a time - via skype - we could also connect with Genevieve Sanzè (who for some years has been the contact person for Africa in the International Commission of the EoC), who is in Rome today and follows everything with great interest and dedication.

Maja also gives us a preview of the program ... ‘It is a beautiful program: there will be a very meaningful reference made to Africa, to the strong values of sharing its culture, its art, its colours and everything will be focused on "communion’. Communion as a starting point and also in dealing with every aspect of the EoC. ‘The other strong words that characterize the project (generativity, creativity, innovation, production ...) will all be derived from communion,’ says Maja. So it is not only about eating delicious cakes together, but also producing new ones together! The title selected for the congress sounds so really suited: “Yes to an economy of communion”.

150109-11 Nairobi 01 ridThe program includes many EoC testimonies from Africa and also from the rest of the world: ‘This congress will be 100% African and 100% international, and this means that it will be ours and everyone's own,’ says Maja. Workshops will also be held on several different themes: from start-ups to micro-credit, from management to a specific space for scholars and to the one dedicated to music ...

On 29th May, which is the 24th anniversary of the birth of the EoC, the programme will be held in Mariapolis Piero, the Little Town of the Focolare Movement and there will be a great party with Kenyan music, dance, instruments, food...

Tomorrow, on 11th January meetings will continue in Mariapolis Piero, and the main topic will be the Pan African EoC School that will precede the International Congress. Good luck with your work and Karibù Nairobi! Welcome to Nairobi!

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