2011 EoC Pocket Agenda

New Bookstore Item at the 2010 Expo!

2011 EoC Pocket Agenda

L'Arcobaleno Editore, 2010

2011 will undoubtedly be a particular year for the Eoc, as it will mark the 20th anniversary of the projects beginning. Why not highlight such a special year with an initiative to remember it...each day of the year? This is how the idea of this bilingual (Italian/English) weekly pocket agenda began, published by L'Arcobaleno Editore, an EoC business with a location a the Lionello Bonfanti business park. What better occasion to present it than the 2010 Expo?

The agenda is 10x15 in format and is enriched by quotes from Chiara Lubich, Benedetto XVI, Stefano Zamagni, Luigino Bruni, Alberto Ferrucci, Benedetto Gui, Vittorio Pelligra and Maria Gabriella Baldarelli. Each week it shares a thought linked to the world of economy and the new way of interpreting it and living it according to the EoC and the culture of giving.

Luigino Bruni writes in the editorial: "Two-thousand-eleven is the 20th birthday of the EoC, and the idea of this calendar, thought of by one of the businesses running within an EoC industrial park, is also a concrete sign to remember (to bring back to heart) the inspiring spark of a reality that today embraces the whole world...

"In these times of crisis, where people are trying to envision a market economy and an economic order that, on one hand, saves the value of freedom, competition, creativity and innovation (typical virtues of the market economy), but on the other hand would be capable of creating social ties, of not destroying the environment, of including rather than excluding, the EoC presents itself as an answer and a way to envision a meeting between these two very deep needs (economy and communion) that can no longer remain separate and parallel. Either the market economy of today will be capable of innovating and including, promoting freedom and justice, competing and cooperating, or this development model arisen during the Christian Middle Ages and from civil humanism will inexorably be destined to decline."

Gualtiero Palmieri, administrator of L'Arcobaleno Editore, together with Rina Santoli, Patrizia Piombi and Gianni Cattani, have brought this project ahead with enthusiasm an determination: "We had to hurry, from the moment that we decided to take on this challenge...but the summer, with our suppliers on vacation and slower consignment times did not stop us. We wanted the agenda to be ready for the Expo, and we made it."

What is special about this agenda, Gualtiero?

"First of all...we made it as beautiful and as functional as possible, with an elastic band to close it and preforations to mark the day. Then, the "added bonus" is given by the weekly phrases on the economy of communion and the culture of giving. Besides, the fact that it's bilingual (Italian-English) can make it interesting, even for non-Italians. A special thanks to Rosa Maria Di Mauro who put together the majority of the phrases in the agenda."

The agenda is on sale for 12 Euro. You can reserve your copy and buy it by using the fill-in form and sending it by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax to +39 0534/23146. The form also shows discounts for buying large quantities and personalized estimates for special orders.

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