Anpecom: 2020 results report is now published

All we hear and read everywhere is that in 2020, and even in 2021, we are going through a deep crisis, which is expressed with dramatic contours in the health crisis caused by the pandemic.

by Maria Helena Faller

published in Anpecom on 15/05/2021

Polarities, debates, jokes arise and resonate in the world. We have so much to rue. However, we would like to extend an invitation to each of you who are part of this global network called the Economy of Communion: shall we look at what we generate that is positive in this world in 2020 and from there, deepen our awareness of the urgency and emergence of new ways of thinking and acting politically, economically, ethically? Shall we be more proactive and assertive? Shall we do it together?

Abandonnons-nous l'idéalisme paralysant qui nous emprisonne dans la recherche d'une perfection qui n'arrivera jamais, et adoptons-nous un idéalisme constructif, qui fait et rêve l'avenir à partir de ce qui est possible avec les ressources et les conditions disponibles dans le présent ?

SUPERA anpecom 2020thumbal anpecom Even against the backdrop of all this crisis, the Economy of Communion moved more resources in 2020 than in the previous three years. Our entrepreneurs have taken high risks, closed their businesses, suffered and are still suffering, but they have shared many resources, building a true Economy of Communion, demonstrating that greater social equity stems from a personal vocation and protagonism, as a response to a call to transform the world starting from what is possible to do starting from our contexts, our resources and our choices.

Anpecom has tried to fulfil its tasks: it has articulated the conditions so that these resources can reach vulnerable communities and tackle innovative entrepreneurship projects, based on the methodology of the Economy of Communion: reciprocity and protagonism of all the actors involved. Overcoming constructed vulnerabilities, starting from relationships of love and mutual recognition, our main competence. Furthermore, it has acted strongly in institutional articulation, seeking to promote projects and processes committed to the agendas of the new economies of the 21st century, with the Sustainable Development Goals, working with other organisations and economic movements in the construction of better institutional conditions so that a more just, inclusive and regenerative economic system can become a concrete experience in our lives every day.

eEOF2 anpecom 2020thumbal anpecomThe Economy of Francesco was the culmination of this process and it shows us that we have a world of opportunities for expanding ahead of us. These are small steps and micro results in the face of a global scenario of so many sufferings and challenges. True, there is a whole lot to do. But each of us has done their very best! On this basis, we want to invite you to celebrate and be grateful for all that we have built together to make a positive impact on this world. Will you join us? Throughout the following pages we wish to live this day of gratitude and fellowship with each and every one of you. Let’s go on together towards the challenges of 2021!

 See the 2020 report of Anpecom here


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