Croatia: Departing with New Thrust

An attraction for modern economy.  The end of the Winter School in Croatia.

By Alfonso Ferro

130203 Faro 06 Rid" penetrate in the highest contemplation
while remaining amongst others,
man beside man.”
((From the writings of Chiara Lubich)

 The second day of the Winter School in Croatia began with this meditation by Chiara Lubich.  A morning built upon deep sharing.  The dialogue between Luigino Bruni and the participants brought one to reflect on the economic situation existing today and its values.

The EoC is in a phase of openness towards the world, and it has become a valid economic theory.  From its beginnings when businesses already in existence had just met with the new EoC idea, until the following phase of concretization of its principles within businesses, the EoC has evolved in order to become a new light for the economy, a style of life.

Jena Debbaneh, a Syrian student of economy at Sophia University Institute in Loppiano, shared her testimony: 130203 Faro 08 RidIn the past I worked in projects that dealt with aid to the poor, but the EoC seems to me a better way to eliminate the barriers between poverty and wealth to arrive at a world where all can be ONE”.

Today, in a society where indifference has become ever more ingrained, how do we go on together?  The many stimulating questions provoked reflections on the concrete meaning of ‘giving in freedom’ proposed by the EoC.  The debate brought into light the importance of a personal commitment in one’s life and of a major collaboration with young people, who represent the future but also the present in the economic reality.

Another argument made evident by the sharing was the need to change one’s point of view by reflecting on the real needs in the world, stricken today by the economic crisis: we must rediscover values such as poverty and the manual skill sets of work, we need to be on the net to try to spread and increase 130203 Faro 07 Ridthese values creating projects of sustainable businesses.

Luigino Bruni encouraged the youth in their relationship with work, inciting them not to lose their vocation, personal realization and gift for society, but also not to fall into narcissistic traps: existing jobs need to be given value as well because, a job well done – as Chiara used to say – is prayer.  An idea has been proposed for the situation that exists locally in Eastern Europe, to give continuity for more in-depth knowledge on the EoC by organizing monthly appointments for all those interested.

The Winter School concluded in a strong climate of thrust, wanting to stress rapports and to be actors in the EoC project.  The eighty young people present expressed great enthusiasm and ability, ready to commit to bringing about new enterprises, also in view of the next Summer School which will be held in Madrid, Spain next summer. 

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