An “Explosion of Communion”

The world EoC commissions met at the Lionello Industrial Park this past week

By Antonella Ferrucci

120923_Commissioni_Edc_Cristina_05The evening of September 25th, saw the conclusion of the International meeting of the EoC commissions at Loppiano, which ended in a real and proper ‘explosion of Communion’ right after the conclusion of LoppianoLab.  A truly beautiful moment, described by those who participated in it as, ‘extraordinary’, a ‘real celebration’. A celebration of being together, united by real communion.  In this very joyous yet solemn moment, the eleven people who came from Africa this year (Congo, Uganda, Angola, Ivory Coast, Cameroun…)  gave a real gift to all the zones present at the meeting, gifts that were deeply motivated: for this reason too, a very moving, unique moment.

It was the freshness, the positivity, and the concreteness of this continent, represented for the first time in such a significant  way during the meeting of the EoC commissions which made it one of the most meaningful novelties in this international meeting.

The EoC commissions had not met since April 2010, so there were many things to be talked about: First, 120923_Commissioni_Edc_Africa_01taking stock of the various aspects of the EoC today, from the new guidelines on how to conduct an EoC business, which were reviewed together, to the practical problems tied to the definition of it, on to the collection and distribution of profits from the EoC businesses. Also, how to manage the multiple requests for meetings presenting the EoC, received by the commissions, coming from universities, dioceses, and civil society.


Another really relevant aspect of these days together, was the active presence of young commission members from Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Italy and Hungary: and here we see the value and the fruits of the Young people EoC project carried on with determination since the beginning of 2011, with the realization of Schools and Summer Meetings in various parts of the world.  Particular proof of these fruits were seen in Africa and in particular, the Congo: since the discovery of the EoC by the Pan-African School in January of 2011 to a large scale launching within the country was a very brief step: hundreds of people involved and various business activities born as a consequence (…some of the people involved being present here at the Industrial park this moment).

In his conclusions, Luigino Bruni wished to underline what were the tasks of theEoC commissions: “Above all, to follow the  entrepreneurs120923_Commissioni_Edc_Francia_03 in a personal relationship with each one because “no one should pass by us in vain”. Sometimes, behind a missed sharing of profits there is a difficulty, a crisis which the commission has to share.  There should be periodical encounters, all together, in a place where it might be possible to let other businesses know about this choice, who, will then begin to sympathize with the project”.

Then we must start once again to have Schools for entrepreneurs: “Chiara Lubich entrusted the schools to us in 2001 during the meeting “New horizons for the EoC”.  The structure suggested by Chiara was very simple: a theme on the ideas of the EoC, the practical applications in the economic sphere, the experiences lived by the businesses. And on these topics and applications, there isn’t necessarily a need for an expert to give a speech, but we must ‘get excited’ because if it isn’t each one of us who can take the EoC, from within, - certainly by studying and informing oneself – then nothing will come of it.”

There is need for more creativity in inventing EoC projects: “The EoC has a specific, inherent talent   for social entrepreneurship, for communion which fights poverty, for starting up new business activities and creating new jobs: this cannot be done by adoptions at a distance, and neither by the many deserving social works which already exist, but we need projects in order to do this and there are very few arriving from the commissions which are there to propose them.  There are networks needed, promotions for partnerships among businesses which do similar things in different nations, 120923_Commissioni_Edc_POrtogallo_04so that the experience of one can bring advantage to the other.”

Finally, the EoC should be announced even if in the zones, it is still a small reality:  ‘even if we are small and few, if we are invited to talk about the EoC we must go because in that meeting room there could be the one person 120923_Commissioni_Edc_Bandiere_Polo_06who discovers having this vocation and will pave the way for the EoC within that nation!  The announcement needs to go beyond us and this is the commissions’ job. Among our tasks is also announcing the EoC, not the Civil Economy which being more lay is simpler to announce, otherwise throughout the years we lose our identity.  To the commissions is entrusted the EoC which is the heart of all the rest.  Because the Charism of Chiara is not needed for Civil Economy.

Communion in truth, communion to the point of telling each other the truth.  This is the beautiful synthesis of the two and a half days spent together. We depart,‘Filled’ with the fruits of a communion built amongst all.  We had come from the USA, from Brazil, Argentina, France, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Angola, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Congo, Uganda, and the Philippines.

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