Producing Wealth to Share

From April 24-25 in O´Higgins, the 25th meeting of the EoC

Producing Wealth to Share

By Carolina Carbonell and Hugo Mardon

"There are people who, in the family, in their studies or in their work, don´t find enough to fulfill themselves; these people feel the need to give something more to humanity."

From April 24 - 25, 2010, in Mariapolis Lia in O´Higgins (province of Buenos Aires, Argentina), entrepreneurs and employees, students and workers, gathered to take part in the 25th meeting of the EoC. The 140 participants came from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. 

The meeting began with a reflection on the EoC today and a presentation of future challenges, followed by the experiences of a few entrepreneurs. In the afternoon, everyone visited the Solidarity Industrial Park, located adjacent to the Mariapolis. The businesses there are continuing to develop, the produce cultivation is intense, and the houses of the families who work at the Polo show the world that another kind of society is possible. 

On Saturday afternoon, participants joined 200 more who came for the meeting of the Movement for Unity in Politics. During the shared session, the presenters for politics spoke about "local development" and those of economy shared a reflection and the experience of a cooperative that is developing in Mendoza, Argentina. There was a sense of belonging to the same family that has the same culture, the same values and that works for the same goals. There were many young people who participated in the meeting, and the answers received from the experts present were great. Then, a moment to relax with a tango show, a typical dance from Buenos Aires. 

Sunday morning saw the participation of Bruno Venturini, one of the first focolarini to follow Chiara Lubich in the adventure at the beginning of the Focolare Movement in the late 1940s. The audience asked many questions. All were eager to hear the enriching experience of someone who had lived the culture of giving for more than 60 years. "What message would you like to give us, Bruno?" someone asked, looking for guidance for the future. "I´m enthusiastic," he answered, "Nothing is missing. Continue to grow because you have the roots...; Go ahead, this is a work of God..."

Bringing the echo of these word within, the moment arrived to conclude and share impressions. One employee at the Solidarity Industrial Park said, "I haven´t worked in the Polo. It´s God who has worked in me."

As a conclusion, we identified some challenges that the EoC faces today. Here they are:

• Do not think of poverty only as "they do not have anything to eat". There are other types of poverty. 
• It would be good to build a network with other organizations, as the objectives (of the EoC) are much greater than our own forces.
• The EoC is called to go beyond the limits of the Focolare Movement. 
• Our EoC vocation is humanity. 
• We need to spread the culture of giving; the EoC is an expression of the charism of unity of Chiara Lubich.
• The exchange of experiences with scholars is fundamental to bringing ahead the theory. 
• There is need to create study commissions to bring ahead the work begun. 
• There is need to intensify the communion among the motor (the entrepreneurs) and students, employees, etc. 
• We need to hold our "people" in great esteem.

Before leaving, certain that building a more equitable society is truly possible, we set an appointment for September 2010, in Montevideo, Uruguay, for the 26th Meeting of the EoC.

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