Young protagonists in Rio Grande do Sul

September 18 and 19 was the EoC Congress of Southern Brazil

Young protagonists in Rio Grande do Sul

By Roselì and Armando Tortelli

100917_Sul_04The youth were the protagonists of this congress, being in the front line since its preparations, helping to choose the title and topics of the congress. It has been the result of true teamwork, involving the four EoC commissions present in Southern Brazil. These are the new elements of this congress, which took place at Arnold Mariapolis Center, São Leopoldo, in Rio Grande del Sul.

There were 116 present from 27 cities: students, professionals, entrepreneurs, those helped by the project, and scholars. Even if the congress was theoretically geared towards those already involved in the project, there were about a dozen who had come for the first time. Listening again to Chiara Lubich's talk when she launched the EoC in 1991 and the one she gave in Strasburg in 2001 was like reliving the explosion of a new "bomb", resulting in enthusiasm, light, hope... and conversion.

Various experts, this time all young, addressed the main topics of the congress. Maria Helena Fonseca Faller spoke about "The yes of men and women to an inspiration for humanity: 20 years of the EoC", highlighting the growth and maturation of the EoC in these 20 years. Cristina Botti de Souza Rossetto spoke about "The poor and the EoC: projects and development". Ana Amélia Nerone Araujo shared her scientific research experience on EoC and Law. Finally, Armando and Roseli Tortelli and Mauricio Serafim gave a very dynamic presentation on the "Profile of the EoC Entrepreneur". The program also included dialogue about the Spartaco Business Park and ESPRI, the association that manages it.

There were many contributions by EoC protagonists: the poor, entrepreneurs and employees. Here are a few: 

Mayara Turatto, after describing the difficult conditions in which her family lives and the enormous difficulty she had in paying tuition for a university degree in Business Administration, said, "With the Economy of Communion project, I have better conditions to study, and knowing that I will be able to finish my studies gives me a lot of motivation. I thank God a lot, and the EoC project, which I know counts on me to offer more quality of life to my family".


"In these ten years, I realize that the ethical values that I'm trying to live, in contact with each client or collaborator, is the most gratifying thing in carrying out my job," said Eliane Vergani of Tulipano, a business that produces pajamas. She continued by sharing an experience lived with a client and another with her sister who wanted to join the business. Through the experiences, Eliane confirmed that "it is worth it."

100917_Sul_02Wagnilda Minasi, an entrepreneur of Volare Communications, made us feel part of her business, up to the small details - from its beginning up to the most recent developments to establish its own identity. "We have done everything necessary to start the business the best we can, researching the market, making a financial project and a marketing plan, and yet we have suffered the typical problems of a small rural town. It has not been easy, but little by little, spreading the word about our services, we have won over our clients for our quality and the values that distinguish us," she said. What came into evidence while she spoke was the communion that everyone at the business tries to live, trusting in the Hidden Shareholder and many other aspects that make a business "authentically" EoC. At the end, Wagnilda said, "We continue to grow. As our clients increase, we expect more from ourselves: always more professionalism, knowledge of the market and to keep updated"..

The congress took place the eve before September 20, Rio Grande do Sul's Independence Day, and the artistic performance during the meeting was fruit of the local culture, increasing the communion and joy among all who were present. 

Saturday evening, students and entrepreneurs met separately, in two groups. That was when the idea came about to plan a meeting for EoC scholars and researchers from Southern Brazil, to be held in Curitiba next August

In the conclusion of the meeting, the local commissions were able to present themselves in a true atmosphere of family, where everything belonged to everyone. And in their final greeting, Armando and Roseli Tortelli, on behalf of the zone commission, invited everyone to not lose "our appointment with history".


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