Even in Scandinavia someone dreams of EoC

In these days: a debate on EoC at Saint Andrew Library in Copenhagen

Even in Scandinavia someone dreams of EoC

by Benedetto Gui

110701_Copenhagen_ridThinking of Brazil, with its close encounters between extreme wealth and poverty, it is not difficult to understand why EoC was born there not by chance. Scandinavia is at the opposite of Brazil, not so much in a geographical sense but in terms of social organization. Here the idea of state welfare has had its most advanced implementation, among the best in the world, guaranteeing to all citizens a standard education and health together with an effective social security system. Therefore, not only the income per capita is very high, but poverty and inequality are at the minimum level in the world. What's more, the Scandinavian countries are sensitive to the low-income countries, giving the highest percentage of GDP in international aid

What does EoC have to add, one would wonder, at such positive outcome?

Yet the debate following the presentation of the project that was held in Denmark these past days at Saint Andrew Library in Copenhagen has shown the same interest in an economy inspired by fraternity that is found in other latitudes, where problems burn more. Those who were present - a very qualified group of representatives from the cultural, scientific and religious world (both Catholic and Lutheran) - have shown themselves very sensitive to the prospect of an economy conscious of the person, able to give a full meaning to the professional, free from the constraints of financial power and attentive to the demands of justice. "You have to present this type of economy with less shyness, because the world needs it," commented one participant, adding: "I hope to be fully part of EoC, if a project that I'm working will be able to take off." From our part, all our best wishes so that this can happen!

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