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"Let’s create our future! It is in our hands!"

Centrum Mariapoli Prague - Vinor
Mladoboleslavská 667
CZ – 190 17  Prague 9 – Vinor
tel.: +420 286 007 711, +420 286 007 701

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EoC Summer School: next appointment in Amsterdam in 2016

With the touching handing out of certificates of participation, the EoC Summer School 2015 ended today

by Stefania Nardelli, Giulia Pongiglione and Dayana Piccoli

150826 Praga EoC SS 15 rid sxAfter five days of culture, communion and mutual understanding we have reached the end of our Summer School! At the close of our meeting, we turned to the subject of gift.

Anouk Grevin presented an empirical analysis carried out on companies suffering from problems of work malaise. The results of the analysis show that managers are often so focused on the administrative management that they devote no time to listening to the problems that emerge in the workplace, and they never reward and recognize the efforts of the team.

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Prague Summer School: We're Live Now

The 2015 EoC Summer School continues: intense presentations but also much dialogue and an interesting afternoon spent in the city

by Stefania Nardelli and Giulia Pongiglione

150826 Praga EoC SS 13 rid SxHalf way through this Summer School, Prague welcomed us with the beauty of its architecture, the charm of the Imperial Castle and the River Vltava crossing through it.

Our days continued with the launch of the Company Cube, which prompted us to experience how even competitors can become friends and colleagues and encouraged us to find the time to get to know each other and break the barriers to creating an environment of mutual aid.

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Prague: the EdC 2015 Summer School has started

65 young people from 16 different countries; with participants from Russia and South Korea for the first time

by Stefania Nardelli and Giulia Pongiglione

150824 Praga EoC SS 06 rid sxWe are in Prague, for the fourth Summer School of the Economy of Communion: we are students, workers and entrepreneurs, representing a wide range of interests and competences. There are six of us here who have participated in the previous schools in  Lisbon, Madrid and Paris and - to break the ice - these people shared their impressions and some advice to help participants make the most of this week together.

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EoC Summer School 2015 Prague: deadline for registration extended to 31 July

The Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission will be supporting the 2015 EoC Summer School

Logo Erasmus 01 ridLast minute news: through the ERASMUS +: Mobility for young people and youth workers programme the European Commission has approved the project entitled “Let’s create our future! It is in our hands!” of the Czech Pontes Association and will be financially supporting the 2015 EoC Summer School. Young people from all 27 member states of the European Union can benefit from this support. In order to make sure that as many young people have the possibility to take advantage of this opportunity as possible, the deadline of registration for the Summer School that expired yesterday (15 July) is now extended to Friday 31 July 2015.

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Last Days of Registration for the EoC Summer School 2015!

15 July is the deadline for registration for the International Summer School of Prague

Praga Orologio AstronomicoCreativity: the key word that will provide the major theme throughout the fourth edition of the EoC International Summer School. After Lisbon, Madrid and Paris, Prague is the next European capital to host the 2015 EoC Summer School from 24 to 28 August, at the Mariapolis Centre of Vinor. The school aims to train young people aged 19 to 35 who wish to understand and investigate the economy of communion, from multiple perspectives, starting from the theoretical one, and to get an experience of communion.

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Czech Republic - Prague, 24-28/08/2015

Summer School of Economy of Communion for Young People
August 24th – 28th 2015

Let’s create our future! It is in our hands!

Logo EoC Schools ridLocation:
Centrum Mariapoli Prague - Vinor
Mladoboleslavská 667
CZ – 190 17  Prague 9 – Vinor

Do you feel that the world we live is not functioning well? Do you suffer of injustice you see passing the streets of this world? Do you have a burning desire to change something in the world? Do you believe that the way to do it is in communion? If your answer is yes: Come and join us! The Economy of Communion is for you.

The Summer School of the Economy of Communion in Prague is waiting for you to discover one of the most powerful and beautiful keys to a good life: creativity in communion.

Let’s create our common future and better conditions in this world by starting to buildit now with those around us. The present and the future is in our hands!

The main topics to be discussed and experienced with young participants, scholars and entrepreneurs of the EoC during the mornings of the School are as follows:Preparazione SS Praga 2 rid

-    Is an “economy of communion” possible? Experiences from entrepreneurs of different parts of the world.
-    Is man really an “homo oeconomicus”? If not, what does it change in economics and in company practices?
-    Creativity and generativity: the key to building a new economy.
-    Examples of companies that have invented new ways of doing business.
-    The courage to challenge mainstream opinions and practices.
-    What can we do to be the change we want?

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150826 Praga EoC SS 11 rid sx"Let’s create our future! It is in our hands!"

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