Experiencing the communion

2nd EoC Summer School

by Ana Moreno Marin e Elena Ranocchi

130911 Madrid SS 23 ridThey are at the middle of the 2nd EoC Summer School program and their smiles speak for themselves. In just three days, the feeling of these 50 young people from 4 continents participating in the 2nd EoC Summer Shool is the same: "We are like one big family. Is amazing how in such a short time you can build relationships so deep and special", said Stephanie from Italy.

These relationships that create communion, that generate fraternity are precisely the basis of the Economy of Communion. A new proposal for economic action which is captivating these young participants.

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Video - Spot about the EoC

Video Spot about the EoC conducted by the young participants in the 2nd EoC Summer School of Madrid, on September 11. It was the challenge posed to them in one of the workshops: to make a short video explaining what the EoC can offer to the business today.

2nd EoC Summer School first day: A start at 100%.

This wednesday in Madrid opened the 2nd EoC Summer School: the participants summarize the day.

by Elena Ranocchi, Joan Rodriguez, Alejandra Vàsquez

130911 Madrid SS 01 ridHello everybody from Madrid! In the 2nd EoC Summer School we are participating about 50 young people from 19 countries and the Spanish Commission of the EOC has received us as if we were "family"..

This first day of introduction has given us the tools to prepare for the busy week of work. We start the program presenting all of us: students, teachers, businessmen and other people present. Next, the introduction of Luigino Bruni entitled: “The Culture of Giving vs. consumerism”. in which Luigino have presented us the Economy of Communion from historic point of view, to describe the main features of the Culture of giving. And then, the Mary Salas and Antonio Marquez presentation on "Justice and relational Economy of Communion" .

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Understanding human behavior to change the economy

Interview with Vittorio Pelligra, teacher at the EoC Summer School Madrid 2013

by Ana María Moreno Marín 

vittoriopelligraVittorio Pelligra, specialist in game theory and cooperation, will help us to understand human behavior, which changes depending on personal and economic variables: how people react to external circumstances and how interact in situations affecting their innate individuality. He will guide us in our search for reciprocity and the common good through the new culture of the Economy of Communion. He is one of the lecturers of this Summer School and he is excited about it.  So, are you ready for the start ? Vittorio is.

1) You have studied the cooperation. What have you found out? Do we cooperate or are we selfish?

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Gift and gratuity:keys to build a new economy

Interview with Anouk Grevin, lecturer of the Eoc Summer School Madrid 2013

by Ana Moreno Marín

anouk grevinAnouk Grevin is a professor at the Nantes Polytechnic University. She invites us for a 360° turn looking for treasures. She will enlighten us to management studies on sociological and economical concepts of gift and gratuity. Her special interest focused on understanding new managerial approches and their impacts on workers’ well-being.

Anouk, you study gift dynamics. What is it?

I am convinced that gift is continuously present in our lives, also in the economic world and in the day to day working of a business. Think about the way you work: you are not only executing a task as a machine, but you constantly give from yourself, you give intelligence, efforts, willingness to cooperate with others, all things that can only be freely offered. Without that, you could not do a good job.

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Madrid is waiting for you

EOC 2013  International Summer School

By Ana Moreno Marín

130715 madrid plaza-del-solMadrid is a vibrant city, rich in history, with all kinds of people. It has 3,215,633 inhabitants and is one of the most visited cities in Europe. In its vicinity is also the place chosen for the Second EoC International Summer School to be held from the 11th to 15th September 2013.

If you're thinking about attending it, we give you here some more reasons to join (remember that July 31st is the last day to do so). Here are a couple of reasons that will make you want to get to know Madrid and participate in the Summer School.

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When a bank is truly at the service of development

Interview to Teresa Ganzon, an EoC businesswoman born in the Philippines. She’s coming to the 2nd EoC Summer School to share her knowledge and experiences…

by Ana Moreno Marín

Ttessganzoneresa is currently the CEO of Bangko Kabayan, a rural bank in the Philippines that promotes small business projects. How does it work?

The economy of the countryside is really brought ahead by the micro, small and medium enterprises so we exist to be a partner in their development.

We really need to serve this significant sector which still has a sizeable number of entrepreneurs and farmers unreached by larger commercial banks.

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2013 EoC Summer School: 4 Continents, 9 Countries.

Madrid 2013: II International Summer School Online Enrollment until July 31.

By Ana Moreno Marín

Summer School 2013 ridParticipants from nine countries and four continents have already enrolled in this year's Summer School: Africa (Tunisia), Asia (Korea), America (Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil) and Europe (Ukraine, Italy, Spain). 19 to 35 year old EoC sympathizers, students, businesspeople, researchers and employees may take part in the program. Who has registered so far? A few workers from the 861 EoC companies, students, researchers, entrepreneurs and employees from large companies (who believe business can be different). For them the II International Summer School means a lot more than an ordinary course.

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EoC International Summer School: you can register!

Call to enroll by 31 July, at the 2nd Economy of Communion Summer School to be held in Madrid from September 11-15, 2013.

Download the pdfinformation sheet

logo eocss2013 grThe program of this 2nd EoC International Summer School entitled "A new economy for a united world" is attractive. The course serves young students, professionals and entrepreneurs, between 19 and 35 years old, interested in exploring the Economy of Communion.

In the morning there will be lectures taught by relevant university professors and prominent members of the EoC worldwide. Luigino Bruni (Italy), Luca Crivelli (Switzerland), Anouk Grevin (France), Vittorio Pelligra (Italy) and Teresa Ganzon (Philippines) will hold lectures.

The afternoon will offer workshops; participants will have the opportunity to exchange views on real issues (based on personal experiences). They will work on specific situations with other young people from different cultures and nations. Participants can choose between:

1) Working on business plans.
2) Working on theses or research projects.
3) Discussing about the challenges faced by EOC companies and suggesting ideas or solutions.

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Summer School EdC 2013

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A new economy for a united world

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