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The first 'Report on the destination of profits by the Economy of Communion' is dated 2008.  Since then, each year, the 'EoC Report' is made available: with information of the destination of profits, on businesses, on the Culture of Communion, on future prospects... In this section are also available for downloading, the various 'Reports' from the year 2008 until today's.


Our Five Loaves and Two Fish

Entrepreneurs, workers and scholars from 49 countries are meeting in Rome to offer Pope Francis the modest but suffered result of twenty-five years of counter-current efforts to develop a productive communion open to the excluded.

by Alberto Ferrucci

N44 pag03 Alberto Ferrucci Autore rid web

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

This report of the year 2016 is being published in the days when the operators of the Economy of Communion from all over the world gather in Rome to meet Pope Francis. They will have the opportunity to offer the following things to the Holy Father: the operational business parks in Europe and Latin America, the life of communion of the workers of more than eight hundred companies, the support provided to thousands of poor people, schooling for their children, the associations that organise trainings and support networks for new companies and young entrepreneurs, the productive and social projects as well as the support for the university of the culture of unity and the dialogue with contemporary culture.

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Argentina and Italy: Development, Freedom & Reciprocity

EoC and AMU: the impact of the projects implemented in 2016 from the profits offered for communion by the companies

by Francesco Tortorella

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N42 Pag 04 Tortorella autore ridAlso in 2016, the collaboration between the EoC and AMU* aimed to create jobs, to offer many people the opportunity to not depend on "aid", but make a living through their own capabilities. 

During the year, some projects have reached their conclusion: in Bolivia (micro-credit), Paraguay (family microenterprises), the Philippines (employment of former street children) and Italy (vocational training for former drug addicts and assistance to the unemployed). Through these projects, 100 people have jobs today, employing their skills and earning a living for their families.

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Business Park in the Pampas

O’Higgins - Argentina: the results of 360 degrees of communion

by Hugo Mardon

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N44 pag06 Polo Pampa Hugo Mardon Autore rid web

EoC and Mariapolis Lía - Located at the Mariapolis Lia near the Argentinean EoC Business Park Solidaridad, the sweet producing company "Sorriso" has been providing work and food for many years for the young focolarine undertaking a training course at the Mariapolis. In recent months the organizational needs resulting from a major and unexpected order have highlighted how precarious the systems of management, manufacturing and marketing are comparing to the development prospects that are now reality: there is a need for change.

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Korea: the Goal of Happiness for Everyone

At a crucial time for the Korean people, civil economy gives some signs of hope

by Regina Min

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N43 pag 05 Regina Min AutoreThe South Korean people are living a moment of serious institutional crisis because of the controversial relationship between President Park Geun-hye, elected in 2012, and the daughter of a leader of a shamanistic cult, which came to light last November. Apparently, due to her influence on the President, major Korean companies, including Samsung, have donated tens of millions of dollars to her foundation and that's not all...

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Shared Profits: Our 2016 Report

A growing commitment in the creation of jobs for the poor and young people, also through the worldwide network of incubators

by Gian Maria Bidone

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N42 Pag 08 Gian Maria Bidone autoreThe tables concern the year 2016 and the last quarter of 2015 because the management of earnings was changed to follow the calendar year. The data are grouped according to major content areas in two tables: the first shows the profits administered by the international organisational structure that makes a communion of goods possible together with the united world. The second table presents the profits managed by local EoC facilities and by individual entrepreneurs, a trend that aims to achieve an increasing effectiveness of use and an increased proximity of enterprises to the needs of the poor and to the formation of new persons, both in and outside their respective geographical areas. 

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A New Start for Nando & Maria's Company

The concrete help of AIPEC entrepreneurs to a company struck by the earthquake in Central Italy

by Ornella Seca

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N44 pag11 Ornella Seca Autore rid web

A few days after the tragic earthquake of 24 August, while TV broadcasts were still showing the heaps of rubble, all the directing board of AIPEC* was pondering about what sense an association of entrepreneurs could make in a situation in which many families have lost everything. Without their house, without their loved ones, without the community fabric that made these places the extraordinary oases of Central Italy.

There emerged an immediate and unanimous desire to help businesses start over and resume creating jobs for the people and the families of the region. To return and give life to the community again.

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A 25-year-old Prophecy

Those who feel they must answer the call to building an economy of communion know that in order not to get lost they must look at the world from the perspective of those who are the last.

by Luigino Bruni

from the EoC Report 2016 on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N42 Pag15 Luigino Bruni autore

The charismas are the continuation of the action of the prophets in the present. To understand St. Francis of Assisi or Chiara Lubich we must first of all think of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Moses. They are very similar, if we take a good look at these ones and the others. They all have met the Voice, they listened to it, they received a call, a task and they freed slaves. They then followed that voice and performed their task throughout their life and died before reaching the 'promised land'. They could only see it from a distance, because the promised land is always that of our children.

We do not understand the Economy of Communion if we do not think of it as an expression of the prophetic principle of the world. Those who have had the gift to live it, and those who, like us, got to know it in the world in these 25 years, have rewatched peoples leave Egypt, the sky open and the cherubs come down, a 'remnant' return from exile and crucifixes rise. Nothing more, but nothing less, either. If we had been more faithful we would have seen many more miracles, but, even in our infidelity, we have been flooded by miracles. The EoC will continue to see miracles for another 25, 50 or even 1000 years if it continues to be a prophecy.

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The First Steps of the EoC in Russia

From training to the culture of giving, the first EoC projects have been created

by Tatiana Minakova  

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N44 pag10 Tatiana Minakova rid webThe Moscow community has started to develop in the culture of giving, with the objective of getting to know the basics of the Economy of Communion and putting its principles into practice. After our young people had participated in the Summer School in Prague and at various conferences, the first projects were born. After the School, the young entrepreneur Anton Lundin decided to join the EoC, but he did not know how, since his start-up, just created, did not have any profit yet: so he thought that a concrete way of adherence would be creating new jobs for young people and families in need. Anton is a beekeeper and his apiary produces products such as royal jelly and propolis, for the support of the immune system; these are products made with great care and respect for nature and the environment. Anton could offer a job of delivering his products to a mother with many children and now she can live in dignity with her big family.

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The Challenges of Spartaco Business Park

Difficulties and successes of the first productive business park of the Economy of Communion in Brazil

by Thiago Borges

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N44 pag12 13 Thiago Borges Autore rid web Polo Spartaco was born in 1993 near the Mariapolis Ginetta, the citadel of the Focolare Movement located 50 km from Sao Paulo, Brazil, as the first concrete evidence of an economy practiced with the paradigm of communion. The companies that have been set up are quite different, but all animated by entrepreneurs convinced that aid and assistance are not enough to redeem the poor from their vulnerability - which is also the reason for the creation of the business park. Instead, they must get involved and become the protagonists in economic relations.

This is the spirit that animated La Tunica, the first company that settled in the business park. It was founded by Maria do Carmo Gaspar and Maria Aparecida Viegas: the former was a widow and mother of five children - she became an improvised entrepreneur in the clothing industry driven by her affection for Chiara Lubich and the EoC; the latter, the owner of two sewing machines, offered her machines and experience as a seamstress.

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EoC-IIN: a Network of Talents for New Companies

Five "hubs" already active in Brazil, Cameroon, Croatia, Mexico and Portugal

by Maria Florencia Locascio

from the pdf EoC Report 2016 (2.11 MB) on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N44 pag14 Florencia Locascio rid web

The year of the 25th anniversary of the EoC prompted us to take a step forward: to promote innovation to bring about some new responses to the challenges of today together. EOC-IIN (Economy of Communion - International Incubating Network) was born in this context: a "first generation" of entrepreneurs and professionals offered themselves at the service of a "second generation" of young people with a vocation to inclusive entrepreneurship and communion.

Almost a year after the birth of the project, EoC operators of five countries - Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Cameroon and Croatia - have already launched their own incubator with local resources and with a contribution from the international communion of profits, while another 12 countries are developing a strategy to create an EoC IIN Hub.

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Trading the talent of communion

Entrepreneurs and workers have offered their time, expertise and resources to create new enterprises. It is a first response to the appeals of Pope Francis for an economy that does not forget the poor.

by Alberto Ferrucci

from the EoC Report 2014-2015 on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" no. 42 Editorial insert of Città Nuova no. 2 - 2016 - February 2016

N42 Pag 03 Alberto Ferrucci AutoreThe Economy of Communion has reached its 25 years milestone. In fact, it was born in 1943, from an intuition of Chiara Lubich who as a young girl got inspired by the Gospel while she was taking refuge in the shelters during the bombings: she could respond to the immense love of God for her, in the - perhaps short - lifetime she still had, pouring out her love for those around her who were frightened and insecure, and especially towards the weak, the suffering and the lonely.

Even today, unfortunately, there are people who are terrorized by bombs: the echo of their torment comes to us through the media - in the words of those who fled after losing everything - and from the beaches scattered by abandoned bodies of adults and children whose lives have been taken prematurely.

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EN Report EoC 2012-2013

Report EoC 2012-2013

Cover Report 2012-13Economy of Communion - a new culture

Insert in Città Nuova

Number 23-24/2013 - 10-25 December, 2013





EN - Report EoC 2013-2014

Report EoC 2013-2014

Cover Report 2013-14Economy of Communion - a new culture

Insert in Città Nuova

Number 1-2/2015 - 10-25 January, 2015

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EN - Report EoC 2014-2015

Report EoC 2014-2015

Cover Edc42Economy of Communion - a new culture

Insert in Città Nuova 

n.2/2016 -  february 2016




The 2014/2015 EoC Report is dedicated to Leo AndringaN42 Pag 02 Leo Andringa rid rid
who left us on 22 January 2016.

Leo was an economist and a man of communion,
witness of the culture of giving, a pioneer of the EoC.

This is to express our infinite thanks to him.


EN - Report EoC 2016

Report EoC 2016


Cover Edc44Economy of Communion - a new culture

Editorial Insert in Città Nuova

n.2/2017 -  february 2017

  Download the report in English

To keep Leo Andringa's memory alive, N44 pag02 Leo Andringa rid webwho was among the first ones to grasp the delicacy of the distribution process of aid to the needy, the EoC has decided to dedicate the newlyformed “Observatory on Poverty” (Osservatorio sulla povertà; OPLA), with its headquarters at the Lionello Business Park, to him. The goal of OPLA, directed by Licia Paglione, is to collect the "best practices" (in and outside of the EoC) in fighting poverty, by developing an approach inspired by the values of communion and reciprocity.


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Chiara_Lubich_1Chiara Lubich

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