The Brazilian EoC Association is among the six finalists of Làurea CAF, the award for Best Practices Supporting Brazilian Micro-Entrepreneurship, with the PROFOR Project

170601 Anpecom Laurea CAF crop rid Làurea CAF is a national competition for the recognition of best practices in support of micro-entrepreneurship in Brazil, sponsored by the Banco de Desenvolvimento da América Latina CAF, in collaboration with Aliança Empreendedora (Entrepreneurial Alliance). All civil society organizations working in Brazil's micro-enterprise support field could join the tender. Anpecom participated in the Contest by presenting PROFOR, a programme implemented in collaboration with AMU and funded by the community of EoC companies in Brazil and around the world; today the six finalist organizations were announced - they are the ones causing the greatest change through their initiatives in Brazil.

Commentary by Raiana Lira Cabral, ANPECOM project management assistant: “Being among the six finalist initiatives of the Làurea CAF Competition is a sign that we are on the right track. Together, the entrepreneurs of the first and second generation of the EoC have succeeded in boosting their entrepreneurial skills to generate positive social impact and changes in local organisations. We are very happy about the recognition that the PROFOR Programme, albeit still young, is receiving.”

Maria Helena Fonseca Faller dx

 Maria Helena Fonseca Faller, President of ANPECOM adds: "We are happy to dedicate our work to building a better Brazil. We strongly believe in the strength of the impact of entrepreneurship, especially when exerted by the "little ones" who struggle for a better life every day. We are doing our part. This recognition is a source of great satisfaction and happiness for all of us!

We just want to congratulate ANPECOM and wish them to win the first prize of the competition (the completely free-of-charge participation at the prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) 2018 which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in April 2018.)

If you want to know more about the PROFOR Project, watch this video:

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