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Transforming Brazil through entrepreneurship

For the second year ANPECOM has realized entrepreneurship workshops for young people in different cities of the country, in partnership with Aliança Empreendedora.

b0f75b9b bcf8 4ade 9364 eab0aa3748d0The Geração Empreendedora (Entrepreneur Generation - the tr.) project is part of the portfolio of opportunities Aliança Empreendedora offers, with the cooperation of the partner organizations scattered throughout Brazil. They are committed to training young people starting up as entrepreneurs or having micro-enterprises in the start-up phase. Partner organisations such as Anpecom bring together groups of young people and run workshops lasting several days directly in their communities, with a solid and widely participatory methodology.

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ANPECOM is one of the finalists at the Làurea CAF competition

The Brazilian EoC Association is among the six finalists of Làurea CAF, the award for Best Practices Supporting Brazilian Micro-Entrepreneurship, with the PROFOR Project

170601 Anpecom Laurea CAF crop rid Làurea CAF is a national competition for the recognition of best practices in support of micro-entrepreneurship in Brazil, sponsored by the Banco de Desenvolvimento da América Latina CAF, in collaboration with Aliança Empreendedora (Entrepreneurial Alliance). All civil society organizations working in Brazil's micro-enterprise support field could join the tender. Anpecom participated in the Contest by presenting PROFOR, a programme implemented in collaboration with AMU and funded by the community of EoC companies in Brazil and around the world; today the six finalist organizations were announced - they are the ones causing the greatest change through their initiatives in Brazil.

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Brazil - Vargem Grande Paulista, 19/05/2012

Day of Economy of Communion at the Center in Mariapolis Ginetta

Working in communion, is it possible?

Logo_Jornada_Edc_Ginetta_201219 May 2012, 9:30 AM
Centro Mariapoli Ginetta
Rod. Bunjiro Nakao, Km 47

Vargem Grande Paulista - SP

It is with great joy that we invite to participate the Day with Entrepreneurs on 19 May at the place where 21 years ago the EoC project was born, Mariapolis Ginetta. It is for anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Economy of Communion project.

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Brazil: the first Olympic medal goes to Pasticcino!

Yesterday at the Spartaco Business Park the ultimate dream of Gonzalo Perrin was realized: the opening of "Pasticcino Brazil".

160804 Polo Spartaco PasticcinoTake a look at the photos that arrived through Facebook and whatsapp last night - they speak of a dream come true! "Pasticcino Brazil" was opened yesterday by Gonzalo Perrin and its future manager Flavio Pires Toledo. It will supply the Brazilian market, and produce the famous biscuits to go with coffee which has become a great hit with Starbucks - as our readers have already been informed.  In fact, those who follow us already know the young Argentinean entrepreneur Gonzalo Perrin and the story of his company Pasticcino.

Carolina Carbonell from Argentina wrote this to us tonight: "I thought about how many times Flavio Pires Toledo and Gonzalo Perrín have crossed the borders trying to realize a dream: "economically incorrect entrepreneurs", in search of communion. It's great to see them happy today. Although the Rio Olympics will start only tomorrow, today Pasticcino has won the first gold medal in Brazil."

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Recife: in July the EoC School for young business people

From July12 - 15, the School is aimed at young people in all of South America  interested in the EoC

Comunion, Creativity and Passion for a New Economy

foto_mariapoli_sta_mariaThis is the title of the EoC  School for young people and new entrepreneurs that will be held this upcoming July 12 – 15, at the Mariapolis Santa Maria, Igarassu-PE in Brasile, for all the South American nations.

The aim is to offer information and training to business people who are interested in the Economy of Communion as an alternative, in a new way of doing business both individually and in the economic sphere.

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Brazil: a Journey That's Left a Sign for Us

The journey of Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Giancarlo Faletti in Brazil. meetings and impressions from the world of EoC.

140326 Emmaus Polo Ginetta 3These are a few lines to tell about the stops and fruits of the Brazilian journey of Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Giancarlo Falletti, president and co-president of the Focolare Movement respectively. Their visit took place in the months of March and April. More than just giving a detailed account of each of their visits and meetings with the EoC leaders, we would like to highlight what they said and some impressions of those who were there.  

First stop: Polo Ginetta (Igarassu – PE): After the welcome greetings and a presentation of the local establishment, Maria Voce and Giancarlo Faletti spoke up to express their joy. A few of their thoughts:

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Curitiba: Inauguration of the B.Raizes EoC Company

"Here is another stone of that cathedral that we are building in the world." Roseli and Armando Tortelli felt expressed with these words of Alberto Ferrucci, who were present at the inauguration of B. Raizes, last October 8 in Curitiba.

born again from the "roots"

by Roseli Tortelli

111008_Curitiba_B.Raizes3There was an atmosphere of family and of great joy for this new stage of a company that has a history of over eight years. The name of this company, "B. Raizes" has a deep significance and is fully linked to what the Economy of Communion suggests. The "B" commits to what John Paul II said, calling us to "respond to Evil with Good, with a capital G." Raizes (= roots) instead is a response to what Chiara said on the EoC that has "the roots in Heaven." 

A hundred people came by during the course of the day.

A little history: During an EoC Congress in 2003, Claudete Bortoleto Cieslinski felt a strong desire to respond to the EoC project. She herself tells us: "I asked that Ginetta to give me a hand from heaven, because I did not have the means to start a business. She had taught us to believe in divine providence, and with this faith, I went ahead."

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The EoC in Brazil: a New Impetus

Brazilian EoC meets Maria Voce Emmaus and Giancarlo Faletti, president and co-president of the Focolare Movement, respectively.

by Mariele Previdi (*)

published on focolares.org.br on 15/04/2014

140411 MariapoliGinetta Emmaus 1A decisive step for the EoC in Brazil, a meeting of Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Giancarlo Faletti with the EoC committees, the Administrative Council of Polo Spartaco, entrepreneurs from all over Brazil and some students - altogether about 90 people - took place on 11-12th April at the Mariapoli Ginetta (Vargem Grande Paulista, SP).

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A new company in the Spartaco Business Park: DALLA STRADA to the world!

Inaugurated last April 8 at Vargem Grande Paulista

A new company at the Spartaco Business Park: "DALLA STRADA" to the world!

by Carla Cotignoli


The high quality and originality of the “DALLA STRADA” (FROM THE STREETS) bags can immediately be recognized upon seeing the stores window display and its bright entrance. Until one week ago, the company was a school of professionals located in barrio Jardin Margarida, a visibly poor area in Vargem Grande Paulista. Now, they produce bags, accessories and jackets. On April 8, they became the newest addition to the companies housed in the Spartaco Business Park, currently home to some 9 production houses, all of which are governed by the Economy of Communion principles.

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New company inaugurated in the Ginetta Industrial Park

On Saturday, April 6, MOVELITE - Custom-made Furniture was inaugurated

by Adriana Mendes and Emanuele A. Oliveira (*)

logo Movelite ridWe're delighted to announce the inauguration of one more company”, said the heading of the invitation of the Ginetta Business Park's board of directors to the inauguration event, which took place on April 6, 2013, welcoming partners and friends. “Around 10 years ago, João Laurindo got to know the Economy of Communion, which, since then, has been a way for him to promote social transformation through business”. Who is João Laurindo and what made him start up Movelite at the Ginetta Business Park?

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Northeastern Brazil: In preparation of the EoC's 20 years

In preparation of the 20th anniversary celebration of the EoC, three videoconferences involving 5 cities of Northeastern Brazil, have been held in Recife. Here's an insight from the last two videoconferences.

Northeastern Brazil: In preparation of the EoC's 20 years


March 18: During the videoconfernce, Magali, a member of the Salvador-BA commission remarked, "This is a rich and fulfilling moment," a feeling which seems to capture the actual experience.  

The Maristi congregation provided the venue for the 22 participants coming from the cities of Recife-PE, João Pessoa-PB, Natal-RN, Salvador-BA e Fortaleza-CE. The groups were composed of entrepreneurs, young students, professionals who held positions in government, professors and people involved in NGO work. The EoC attracts and is capable of involving many from different fields.

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