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Oggi le realtà carismatiche, gli ordini e gli istituti religiosi si trovano ad affrontare nuove e importanti sfide per le quali l’EdC, insieme ad altre proposte, può rappresentare una buona risposta. Per questo da qualche anno si è avviato un cammino di conoscenza e di scambio di esperienze fra Economia di Comunione e le realtà carismatiche. Il convegno del 17 e 18 novembre 2009 ha rappresentato una tappa di questo cammino.

They have no more wine

“They have no more wine”

Contribution to a reading of relationships between charisms and their economic works

By Luigino Bruni
Published in “Unitá e Carismi” n.3/2010

This is the great attraction today:
to reach the highest contemplation
while sharing in the life of every person,
being one among many.
I would say more:to merge oneself with the crowd
so as to allow the divine
to penetrate it,like wine
penetrates a piece of bread.
I would even say more:
as sharers in God’s plans for humanity,
to place points of light within the crowd,
sharing shame, hunger, troubles,
and brief joys with our neighbor. 
(Chiara Lubich).

1. Economy and charisms

This writing arises from the experiential and theoretical conviction that even economic and civil life can and should be read as dialectic between “charism” and “institution”.  Something of this dialectic was revealed to us by Max Weber with his studies on charismatic authority. Von Balthazar went even further, when, in various reprises, he spoke to us in his theological works of the “Marian profile” of the Church, and of its relationships with the other profiles, among which the Petrine profile.

They have no more wine

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Charisms in Communion - second day

The second day of the "Charisms, Economy and Management" convention

Charisms in Communion

By our correspondent Alberto Frassineti


The morning opened with a presentation by Sr. Alessandra Smerilli (Professor in the Pontifical Department of Educational Science in Rome) on the theme: "The economic and civil significance of charisms".

She highlighting the specific characteristics of charismatically-generated works while considering: that they arise to respond to a specific need, that they are characterized by gratuitousness and reciprocity, are not transmitted by "techniques" but by encouraging the birth of vocations, and they have the specific characteristic of beauty even while remaining simple. Then, Smerelli put in light the need to live the three levels of Love (in the sense that Benedict XVI specified in this encyclical Deus Caritas est) - Eros, Philia and Agape - within the works and among those who work for them.

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Charisms and today´s challenges - First day

Report about the first day of the "Charisms, economy and management" convention - experiences and reflections from the perspective of the Economy of Communion

Charisms and today´s challenges


Today, in Castelgandolfo, the first day of "Charisms, economy and management" took place. It is geared towards religious congregations and institutions who already have a collaborative relationship with the Economy of Communion, as well as orders who simply know about the Focolare Movement and the EoC.

More than 70 are present here, from about 12 congregation and institutes, plus numerous lay-persons who work or collaborate with works that belong to religious congregations. The goal of the convention was to give space to reflections and exchange of experiences on how the EoC, together with other proposals, represents a good answer to the new and important challenges which the charismatic realities, orders and religious institutes are currently facing.

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Italy – Castelgandolfo (Rome), 17-18/11/2009

The International EOC Commission and the "Associazione per tutti" are organizing a convention called:

“Charisms, econony and management"

experiences and reflections from the perspective of the Economy of Communion

091117_Castelgandolfo_Carismi_logoNovember 17, 2009 at 10:00 am
November 18, 2009 at 09:00 am
Centro Mariapoli
Via S.G.B. De Salle
00040 Castelgandolfo (RM)

"Charisms, economy and management" is the title of a convention to be held at the Mariapolis Center of Castelgandolfo, aimed at being a significant meeting between the EOC and religious institutions.
The convention is being organized by the International EOC Commission and is a step in the journey begun a few years ago between the EOC and various charismatic groups.

The need for such a convention arose from the shared desire of the associates of the "Associazione per tutti" onlus. They wanted to create an opportunity for reflection and exchange on how the experience of the EOC, together with other proposals, represents a good answer to the new and important challenges that the various charismatic movements and groups, religious institutions and orders are facing today.

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