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Since the inception of the EoC in 1991, Chiara Lubich had imagined the birth of businesses in the vicinity of the small towns of the Focolare Movement. Such businesses would be polo-spartaco.jpg housed by Business Parks that would stand as proof to the Economy of Communion and would serve as points of reference for all the businesses who would be adhering to the EoC in that specific territory.

Named after Spartaco Lucarini the Spartaco Business Park was the first to be constructed in the succeeding years. It was established in the vicinity of the Mariapoli Araceli, now known as Ginetta, in Cotia (SP).

A group of experts started Espri S.A.  a stock corporation (with about 4000 stockholders at present) which took care of acquiring the land and of constructing the buildings for the businesses which had decided to establish themselves at the Business Park. Since then the company manages the Business Park. They rent out the spaces to the businesses and provide them a host of services as well.

The Association of employees of businesses of Spartaco Business Park was formed with the aim of improving the quality of life of its members, presently numbering to about a hundred. The Association offers medical and dentistry services, microcredit, sports, cultural and other activities.

This video gives a summary of the Spartaco Business Park’s history from its beginning until today (May 2011).

{rokbox title=|Polo Spartaco - brano del DVD EdC 20 anni| size=|561 350| thumb=|images/video/video_Polo_Spartaco.jpg|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQwoSJs1JBU&autoplay=1{/rokbox}

Photos of the businesses and the people who work in the Business Park can instead be found in this slideshow:


{rokbox title=|Polo Spartaco - foto 2011| size=|561 350| thumb=|images/video/video_Polo_Spartaco_2.jpg|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AJfRjKZx5c&autoplay=1{/rokbox}





Businesses within the Business Park

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