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In July 1991, two months after the birth of the EoC in Brasil the entrepreneurial pole "Solidaridad" was created next to Mariapolis Lia, on 34 hectares of land.

solidaridad_serre1.jpgAn Ltd. named UNIDESA (Unità e Sviluppo - Unity and Development) was constructed in order to manage the Pole, to create the conditions necessary for the moving in of businesses that would render the Economy of Communion Project more visible.

Those who wish to participate follow the indication “we are poor but we are many” and are offered a possibility of shareholding by nominal values so that everyone can participate.

In 1995 a residential area was created for the families that wished solidaridad_laboratorioto move in there, taking up part of the land (about 5 hectares), and the necessary infrastructures were also provided (water, light, telephone etc.) for the companies.

Year after year thousands of visitors come and visit the Pole to get to know the cultural aspect of the project and the related businesses.

 Further information: arrow.gifwww.polosolidaridad.com link.gif

Economy of Communion in Argentina (in Spanish)

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