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“God acts always” is the motto which Chiara Lubich gave to the Polo Lionello “to remind ourselves of the value which God gives to work, to man´s own creative ingenious”.  It´s written on a plaque (sculpted by Benedetto Pietrogrande) hung near the building´s reception area.
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polo-lionello_layoutThe Italian business park, inaugurated in October of 2006, is located in Incisa Val D´Arno, a few kilometers from the international small town of Loppiano (near Florence).  The naming of the building after Magistrate Lionello Bonfanti, once responsible for the small town´s relationships with the local institutions, was in order to highlight that the building´s “vocation” is not only economic but “civil” as well.  In fact, the 20 businesses (see below) there today present themselves as a community open to the region that has welcomed them and of which they are a living part.

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Already from inauguration day (see photo of the inauguration) this characteristic has stood out through the presence of numerous civic and academic personalities, leaders of associations and institutions, among which are the then President of the Italian Council, Romano Prodi. 

The dialogue, intensified during the visit of Dr. Claudio Martini, President of the Region of Tuscany and regional councilor of international cooperation Dr. Massimo Toschi, continues to be fruitful.

It is a very intense dialogue, involving various types of associations, particularly cooperatives that often hold their own meetings in the halls of the pole. 
The center is also often full with people of the academic and formational circles, including university lecturers, visits from high schools, internships for entire classes, and specialized courses given by the EdiC SPA (the association which runs the building), which is accredited by the Tuscan region.

The 5640 shareholders of the business park Lionello Bonfanti are witnesses of how many have believed in the project and have in some way wanted to make themselves protagonists despite the fact of not being entrepreneurs.  A photograph of them would well describe the “poor but many” which Chiara Lubich once spoke about while describing the origins of the Economy of Communion.

The EdiC spa was instituted on October 13, 2001, and owes its name Lubich who was its first shareholder (see photo of the inauguration).

Today, the administrating council has ten members who will hold their office until December 31, 2008.


The park is also indebted to the many who offered their own sufferings and even their lives for its realization. In the name of all of them, we mention Iliana Pieri, who was the first to agree to insert her business there.  The seminar hall has been dedicated to her and her husband Giovanni.  (see photo of the inauguration).

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“Let’s get in business”, Lionello Business Park: a very special internship

13, who just finished high school, came from Sicily to do their first work experience at the Business Park, a month that has left mark

by Cecilia Mannucci

110917_Stage_Polo_ridFrom this month at the Business Park, I will take with me the awareness of what it means to work, make sacrifices and therefore fight to get what you want. It also gave me the possibility to seriously think about my future!” writes Mariangela after a month of internship, that same girl who blushed on the first day just by saying her name.

There were 13 who, fresh from high school, arrived from Sicily in a particular and intense moment at Lionello Business Park, which was in preparation for the second edition of the LoppianoLab. They gathered to welcome guests and VIPs, to folding thousands of folders, to being hostesses: this was their first contact with the workplace. Up until the week before, they did not even know the existence of the Business Park, nor were they aware of the Economy of Communion project, and yet they were immediately fascinated.

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Between Genesis and Job: getting to know (or re-discovering) faces

Hot report of the first “Biblical Economics Week" that took place last week at Lionello Bonfanti Business Park, in the words of a young participant

by Stefano De Palo

Stefano De Palo ridFrom 5th to 10th June 2017, at the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park, a higher education course was held giving insights of the economic dimension in the Bible. The so-called "Biblical Economics Week", held by Professor Luigino Bruni, was attended by experts such as professors and scientists Francesco Nazzi and Angelo Vianello as well as psychoanalyst Sergio Premoli. Another fundamental element (thanks to its emotional charge) incorporated by the course was the theatrical performance on the figure of Job entitled "On the Journey with Job" offered by the duo of Pasquale Ianiro and Paolo Fermani.

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Expo 2010: the businesses

We've received a list of the businesses that will participate in the 2010 Expo

Expo 2010: the businesses

There are 50 businesses that are preparing their stands in these days for the 2010 Expo, which will open its doors this September 16 at 15:00. It's a significant representation of businesses of civil economy and economy of communion that operate in Italy, and there is even one business from Malta. They are businesses that work in manufacturing, commerce, turism, services for people and businesses. The following list is ordered alfabetically. We'll be following this event on the website, so keep in tune. Good luck to the businesses that wanted to take this opportunity! On the website of Lionello Bonfanti business park, you can find the links to the websites of the various businesses.

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Italy - Incisa in Valdarno (FI), 22/05/2010

On May 22, 2010, there will be the convocation for the 

Assembly of Shareholders of Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park

May 22, 2010, 10:00
Polo Lionello Bonfanti
Loc. Burchio
Incisa in Valdarno (Florence, Italy)

All associates of the Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park are invited to participate. The assembly will begin at 10:00. The first point of the order of the day will be a report on the management by the Administrating Council, a report by the Union College and the approval of the budget. The second point will be to confer the 3-year appointments to the committee of revision and payment determination. 

At the conclusion of the formal part of the assembly, the administrators will meet with shareholders to further explain future projects. At 18:15, shareholders can participate in the presention of Luigino Bruni´s book, "The Ethos of the Market", Bruno Mondadori editors. To conclude the day together, it is possible to make reservations for dinner at the Polo (Segreteria Polo Lionello tel. 055-8330400).

See the new website of the EdiC Spa
See official brochure
Download printable delegate form 

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Italy - Incisa Valdarno (FI), 26/06/2010

An outing to the Polo Lionello Bonfanti with a seminar on Economy of Communion, at the conclusion of the review "Riminisian Socio-economic Reflections" 2010 - II edition

Local Development Beyond the Crisis

From Theory to Practice

June 26, 2010, from 10:30 onwards
Polo Lionello Bonfanti
Incisa in Valdarno  (FI)

This year, too, Rimini´s University of Bologna continues the journey in "Riminisian Socio-Economic Reflections", promoted by the Association of the New Generation Study Center in collaboration with the Gambalunga Civic Library of Rimini. The 2010 theme regards the importance held by the local community and territory, culture and innovation, businesses and working relationships, to go through this hot news topic that is still being felt. The theme of vast interest was developed during May and June in various weekly seminars by experts in various disciplines that have gathered to develop their own arguments on the theme through different aspects, like trust and gift, local economies and innovation, award and virtue, and social responsibility.

At the end of this journey, on June 26, there will be an "outing" to the Polo Lionello Bonfante. The idea is to get to know the experience of economic/entrepreneurial innovation and social-territorial cohesion that the Polo represents, among the typical expresssions of the Economy of Communion.

Download brochure with all events of the series

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Italy, Incisa Valdarno (FI), 16-19/09/2010

In September, Italy´s most important EoC events of the year: as part of "Loppiano Lab", the Expo of Polo Lionello Bonfanti and the 2010 Italian EoC Convention

Expo 2010 and the 2010 Italian EoC Conventions: Businesses, Projects, Future.

Preparations heat up in Loppiano for the well-prepared series of events connected to the Expo 2010 and the 2010 Italian EoC Convention, the most significant EoC events in Italy this year.

Everything will take place in a wider event, that of Loppiano lab, a new space for dialogue and comparisons, thought about in order create a network of ideas, practices, experiments, and questions in the field of current events, culture, education and economy in the viewpoint of fraternity. Loppiano Lab will take place from September 16 to the 19 through meetings, round tables, debates, business expositions at the Polo Lionello in the international small town of Loppiano (Florence, Italy), which for more than 40 years has been a laboratory of cohabitation and integration among peoples of different traditions, customs and religions.

Within Loppiano Lab, there are two larger events more closely connected to the Economy of Communion:

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Lionello Bonfanti Business Park: the international Workshop YEEE has been concluded

Creativity, positivity and happiness. These are the three words of YEEE

by Noemi Pintus

151010 Loppiano YEEE 01 ridGet together thirty-two youths from seven different countries and three different continents, bring them into an international Focolare Little Town for two weeks, let them study and think about winning and innovative businesses, let them compare their different cultures. You will obtain an explosive mix of creativity, positivity and happiness.

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Lionello Business Park's EoC Studies Program 2013

This year's first seminar on the EoC at the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park took place on April 22 at 5pm. Check streaming here

logo Percorso 2013 ridApril 22, 2013 at 5pm.
Lionello Bonfanti Business Park
“Duccia” Hall
Burchio district
50064 Incisa in Val d'Arno (FI)

The three seminars on the Economy of Communion project are opened to anyone who is interested in the project and committed to participating in every meeting. Furthermore, the EoC Studies PROgram is particularly addressed to entrepreneurs and workers from the Business Park Lionello Bonfanti and Loppiano International Center (Florence).

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Risana´s Bet

On October 24, at the "Lionelle Bonfanti" Industrial Park in Incisa Valdarno (Florence, Italy), the group practice Risana was inaugurated. The challenge of matching person-centeredness, medical science and economic sustainability

Risana´s Bet

By Amanda Cima
Published on www.cittanuova.it on 27/10/2009


Beyond every expectation, the hall quickly filled with almost 300 people. Many were those present at the inauguration of the group pract Risana, in the Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park in Incisa Valdarno (Florence, Italy). Founded by nine associates in Febrary 2008, Risana is a cooperative begun from a dentist studio linked to the small town of Loppiano and which has formed a network of specialists in various medical disciplines since 1998. With this basis, the group practice project was consolidated and has been running since July of 2008 in a provisory headquarters.

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RISANA: bringing reciprocity and communion to healthcare

Interview with Maria Tersa Fumi, president of the Poliambulatory Cooperative RISANA

RISANA: bringing reciprocity and communion to healthcare

By Antonella Ferrucci

Mariateresa_FumiOn October 24, the Poliambulatory was inaugurated at the Lionello Bonfante Industrial park. Can you tell us something about it´s story?

RISANA was born in February, 2008. It currently has twenty associates and it´s adherence to the Economy of Comunion project is one of it´s particular characteristics and founding elements. Attention to those in need, to formation, to development of the business itself and the search for a model of participative management are the cornerstones of the cooperative.

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The EoC Expo Express, all together to the Industrial Park!

Xcogito, a resident EoC business of the Lionello Industrial Park, launches an interesting initiative to promote the 2010 EoC Expo

The EoC Expo Express, all together to the Industrial Park!

By Antonella Ferrucci

The idea is that of a web site, www.edcexpoexpress.it, which is an informational and logistical instrument for all who will participate in the Expo 2010 (September, 16-19, 2010). It is both a means of promotion, information and diffusion, all at once. Through the site, people can register to travel together in buses to the Industrial Park from various Italian cities. One can also get the latest information on details of the program and various events, and on single-day and mult-day participation, with the necessary forms and costs. The site is stylish and youthful. It has news, comments and even a nice calendar that counts down how many days are left until the 2010 Expo.

To better understand the spirit of this initiative, we asked Andrea Baldas, of Xcogito, a few questions:

Andrea, how can you explain why you started the EoC Expo Express?
Well, there are many possible reasons. First of all, the trip is a precious chance to share different experiences on the economy of communion and on civil economy in general. In the hours of the trip, it will be possible to talk to entrepreneurs, teachers, parents and students on the expectations they have about the program and topics of the Expo in an informal way. It is definitely more beautiful and enriching to travel together, to reach the Expo, and, actually, going by bus rather than by car is a choice to respect the environment.


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The exhibition market "Come, Choose and Donate" was a success

The exhibition market concluded with a great turn-out of visitors to the Polo Lionello Industrial Park

The exhibition market "Come, Choose and Donate" was a success

091208_MostraMercatoFrom December 5-8, the Lionello Bonfante Industrial Park opened it´s doors for the exhibition market, "Come, Choose and Donate". It was a proposal that combined economy with solidarity, involving 40 businesses of Valdarno who donated their products to be sold at the benefit of the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, we asked Paolo Maroncelli, the delegated administrator of the Lionello Industrial Park, how it went. "We´re very pleased with how things went," said Maroncelli. "Thanks to this initiative, the Industrial Park received many visitors from the surrounding area, and many of these came for the first time. They seemed happy for the chance to finally come and ´nose around´ inside the Polo Lionello."

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The Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park "meets" Adriano Olivetti

At Polo Lionello, the first meeting of the "Adrianolivettiannouno" series

The Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park "meets" Adriano Olivetti

By Lucia Zorzi

Loppiano - It sometimes happens that a meeting leaves a mark. Yesterday afternoon, the Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park hosted one of these rare meetings. Economist Luigino Bruni introduced the discussion on "The Idea of Community in Business Behavior", tracing the convergence and divergence between Adriano Olivetti´s thought (this year is the 500th anniversary of his death) and the reality of businesses of communion attested to by the Polo Lionello Bonfanti of Loppiano, home of the Economy of Communion. 

The meeting was proposed by the Vita Eudaimonica Association and by its president, the philosopher Alberto Peretti, scholar and expert of Olivettian thought. It included entrepreneurs, workers of the Polo and the students of Sophia University Institute of Loppiano.

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The Lionello Industrial Park´s new web portal is now online

Something new on the web

The Lionello Industrial Park´s new web portal is now online

The EdiC S.P.A. has given its website a new look, taking on an institutional aspect and generating a new and original instrument of communication dedicated solely to the Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park. 

It is an important step for the first joint-stock association of the Economy of Communion, now numbering nearly 6000 partners throughout Italy and which has seen a rise in the number of visitors to the industrial park of nearly 55% each year, from 2006 until today.

The web portal, www.pololionellobonfanti.it, and the new site of the EdiC Spa, www.edicspa.com, are the fruit of one of many communications additions foreseen in the "Plan of Development and Communication" which the EoC approved in 2009. Among the plan´s objectives are promotional communication of the industrial park and its new spaces and services, more efficient circulation of information for partners, and promotion of the EoC network of businesses at the industrial park and in Italy. 

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